Definition of Technical Disclosure

Technical Disclosure means all Technical Disclosures (Schedule A).
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Examples of Technical Disclosure in a sentence

Thus, the IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin entitled "High-Speed Cyclic Redundancy Checking Scheme For Error Correcting Codes,'' RX-608, discloses a method for updating an original CRC remainder using data from a previous error correction operation.
Qualified Persons Statement Qualified Persons in Respect of Technical Disclosure The information in this release that relates to Esaase Mineral Reserves is based on information compiled by Mr. Thomas Obiri-Yeboah.
Debtor shall promptly advise Secured Party of any subsequent ownership right or interest of the Debtor in or to any Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Technical Disclosure, Trade Secret or License not specified on Schedule A hereto and shall permit Secured Party to amend such Schedule, as necessary, to reflect any addition or deletion to such ownership rights.