Definition of T&D Agreement

T&D Agreement means that certain Crude Oil Throughput and Deficiency Agreement dated as of the date hereof by and between Customer and JBBR Pipeline LLC.
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Examples of T&D Agreement in a sentence

Buyer shall file as promptly as practical with the FERC the tariff rates for movements on the Pipeline Systems (the Tariff Filings) in accordance with the provisions of the T&D Agreement.
Seller will cooperate with Buyer with regard to the preparation and filing of all filings in connection with establishing the initial tariff rates in accordance with the T&D Agreement.
Buyer shall have the right to direct Seller to assign the Assets to an Affiliate of Buyer at the Closing pursuant to the Assignment; provided, however, that notwithstanding any such Assignment, Buyer shall remain liable for all of the obligations as the purchaser of the Assets hereunder and shall remain a party to the T&D Agreement.
Currently, WM disposes of waste that can be incinerated at its Wheelabrator waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities in Broward County; however, the T&D Agreement allows WM to divert waste to alternate facilities for up to two weeks or longer with the City's approval.
LOCAP T&D Agreement means the Initial Facility Throughput and Deficiency Agreement among Ashland, Marathon, Shell Oil Company, Texaco Inc.