Bidder definition

Bidder means the legal entity which submits a Bid for consideration by City in accordance with the Invitation For Bid.
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Bidder means an entity or individual who submits a Bid, Proposal or Quote. See also “Respondent.”
Bidder means any potential vendor submitting a response to an RFB issued by the Authority.

Examples of Bidder in a sentence

Any decision in this regard by Bank shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Bidder.

Any decision of Bank in this regard shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Bidder.

The Bidder shall bear all costs and expenses for the execution, stamp duty and submission of the contract and agreements.

Any decision of Bank in this regard shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Bidder and shall not be questioned / challenged by the Bidder.

The Bank reserves the right to verify / evaluate the claims made by the Bidder independently.

More Definitions of Bidder

Bidder means any person offering to supply goods and/or services to the COE;
Bidder means Bidding Company or a Bidding Consortium submitting the Bid. Any reference to the Bidder includes Bidding Company / Bidding Consortium/ Consortium, Member of a Bidding Consortium including its successors, executors and permitted assigns and Lead Member of the Bidding Consortium jointly and severally, as the context may require”;
Bidder means a person or group of persons or a company who offer rates under certain conditions with an intention of performance against any invitation to Tender if accepted by the person inviting Tender.
Bidder means an eligible individual or legal entity that participated in the bidding process governed by the Bidding Documents that preceded the placement of the Contract of which these GCC form a part.
Bidder means the person or entity (or, in the case of a joint venture, the persons or entities) submitting a bid to perform a contract for goods, services or both. It does not include the parent, subsidiaries or other affiliates of the Bidder, or its subcontractors.
Bidder means an individual or business entity that submits a bid in response to solicitation;
Bidder means the person or organization that responds to an IFB by submitting a bid with prices to provide the equipment, supplies, and/or services as required in the IFB document.