Successful Vendor definition

Successful Vendor means the organization or person with whom the order is placed or who is contracted to execute the work as detailed in the bid.
Successful Vendor or “Contractor” means a firm or individual who is awarded a contract under this competitive solicitation.
Successful Vendor means the vendor whose bid is accepted by the Bank and been awarded the purchases order/ contract work.

Examples of Successful Vendor in a sentence

The following are the Terms and Conditions that will become part of any Agreement consummated between the University and the Successful Vendor.

Such indemnification shall specifically include infringement claims made against any and all intellectual property supplied by Successful Vendor and third party infringement under the Agreement.

AGREEMENT Successful Vendor shall be required to enter into an Agreement for these services.

If subcontracting is necessary, the Successful Vendor will make every effort to use Small Businesses in the performance of the Agreement.

More Definitions of Successful Vendor

Successful Vendor means the Vendor whose Bid is accepted by the Bank and been awarded the Contract of Works.
Successful Vendor means the Proponent selected by CPR to perform the Services. For the purposes of an RFx a Successful Vendor shall be subject to the requirements as apply to a Supplier.
Successful Vendor means the Vendor whose Bid is accepted by the Bank and been awarded the Purchase Order / Contract works.
Successful Vendor means the best qualified, responsible Vendor to whom the City makes an award on the basis of the City's evaluations as hereinafter provided.
Successful Vendor means the company that is awarded and has an executed contract with the State of Florida for the goods and services identified in this solicitation document. May also be referred to as “Contractor”, “Prime Vendor”, or “Awarded Vendor” within this document.
Successful Vendor means the Vendor whose Proposal was selected by the City to proceed forward with negotiation for the purpose of arriving at mutually acceptable terms of agreement between such Vendor and the City.
Successful Vendor or “Agency’ means the individual/agency selected for award of Contract to operate the Canteen.