Subscription Monies definition

Subscription Monies means such sum as is the aggregate of the Subscription Price multiplied by the number of the Subscription Shares;
Subscription Monies means the sum that the Investor has agreed to subscribe for the Ordinary Shares under this Agreement; and
Subscription Monies means the Subscription Price multiplied by the number of Subscription Shares in the aggregate sum of HK$607,634,695.65;

Examples of Subscription Monies in a sentence

  • All Class P Shares and all related rights and assets (including the monies paid for the subscription of the Class P Shares and any share premium relating thereto (the "Subscription Monies")) and the assets purchased with the Subscription Monies are allocated to the Category X Compartment.

  • Subscription Monies not accepted will be returned to the applicant in full by means of a cheque, posted at the applicant’s risk.

  • The Manager will make Investments in Investee Companies using Investors’ Subscription Monies.

  • You, as an Investor, hereby appoint EW Cap as your attorney to enter into on your behalf an investment management agreement on the same or substantially similar terms to this Agreement under which you appoint the New Manager as your discretionary investment manager with EW Cap acting as its Investment Adviser and for the avoidance of doubt, with the mandate to manage the Fund’s Investments and any uninvested Subscription Monies.

  • The amount of an Investor’s Subscription Monies allocated to a particular Investee Company and the timing of the Investment will be at the discretion of the Manager taking into account the recommendation and advice of EW Cap.

More Definitions of Subscription Monies

Subscription Monies means the monies payable in connection with an IPO Application, comprising the IPO Advance and the Subscription Balance;
Subscription Monies means the £50,000,000 to be subscribed by MSP for the MSP Subscriber Shares.
Subscription Monies means the monies payable by Unique Fidelity for the Subscriber Shares.
Subscription Monies. ’ means such sum as is the aggregate of the Subscription
Subscription Monies means US$28,089,302 representing the entire amount paid by the Investors for the Subscription Shares under the Subscription Agreement;
Subscription Monies has the meaning given to it in Clause 2.1;
Subscription Monies means the subscription amount in relation to the Debentures paid by the relevant Debenture Holders to the CCIL Bank Account and as transferred by the Issuer to the Existing Bank Account, in accordance with the SEBI Operational Circular, other Applicable Law and the terms and conditions set out in this Deed.