Subdivided Property definition

Subdivided Property means the entire real property described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto, including all structures and improvements erected thereon or on such additional properties which may be brought within the jurisdiction of the Association.
Subdivided Property means the real property which is described in Exhibit B attached hereto and in any amendments to said Exhibit B made in the manner provided by Paragraph 10(b) hereof,

Examples of Subdivided Property in a sentence

  • Request for Service to Subdivided Property This section contains additional requirements for applicants that are developers as defined in Section C Definitions.

  • The Company is also anticipating a reduction in annualized cash costs of approximately 30% due to the higher gold by-product revenues and the weaker Mexican Peso.

  • No Owner of any Lot shall permit anything to be done or kept on a Lot which will result in cancellation of insurance on any part of the Subdivided Property or which would be in violation of any law.

  • The Committee shall grant its approval if the proposed work is not detrimental to the Subdivided Property and is to be carried out in a manner generally consistent with the plan of development thereof.

  • No residential structure shall be erected or placed on any Lot, which Lot has an area of less than eight thousand (8,000) square feet or a width of less than sixty (60) feet at the front building setback line, except that a residential building may be erected or placed on any Lot shown on a subdivision map of any of the Subdivided Property .

  • The provisions of this declaration shall be liberally construed to effectuate their purpose of creating a uniform plan for the subdivision and improvement of the Subdivided Property.

  • Landlord may subdivide (the “Subdivision”) Parcel 3 so that it will consist of two lots that may be legally conveyed in accordance with California’s Subdivision Map Act as follows: (a) the portion of Parcel 3 on which the Expansion Building is located, and to be more particularly defined by Landlord in connection with the Subdivision (the “Subdivided Property”), and (b) the portion of Parcel 3 excluding the Subdivided Property.

  • Joseph Neil Gioiello, Case No. 2001 CR 00465, Trumbull County Common Pleas Court, dated July 23, 2001; Copy of three-page Entry Finding Defendant Eligible For Intervention In Lieu Of Conviction, State of Ohio vs.

  • Extensions within Subdivided Property Charleston Water System (CWS) will not extend water systems at its expense to serve subdivided property that was served prior to the property being subdivided.

  • No oil drilling, oil development operations, oil refining, quarrying or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted upon or in any portion of the Subdivided Property, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations or shafts be permitted thereon.

Related to Subdivided Property

  • Blighted property means property that meets any of the following criteria:

  • Undeveloped Property means all Assessor’s Parcels of Taxable Property which are not Developed Property.

  • Affected Property means all real property at the Site and any other real property where EPA determines, at any time, that access or, land, water, or other resource use restrictions, and/or Institutional Controls are needed to implement the removal action, including, but not limited to, the following properties [insert property descriptions].

  • Issued Property means all government property issued in connection with the Contract.

  • Restricted Property means (i) any manufacturing facility, or portion thereof, owned or leased by the Company or any Subsidiary and located within the continental United States of America which, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Company, is of material importance to the business of the Company and its Subsidiaries taken as a whole, but no such manufacturing facility, or portion thereof, shall be deemed of material importance if its gross book value (before deducting accumulated depreciation) is less than 2% of Consolidated Net Tangible Assets, and (ii) any shares of capital stock or indebtedness of any Subsidiary owning any such manufacturing facility. As used in this definition, “manufacturing facility” means property, plant and equipment used for actual manufacturing and for activities directly related to manufacturing, and it excludes sales offices, research facilities and facilities used only for warehousing, distribution or general administration.

  • Unencumbered Property means any one of the Unencumbered Properties.

  • Adjusted Property means any property the Carrying Value of which has been adjusted pursuant to Section 5.5(d)(i) or 5.5(d)(ii).

  • Vacant Property means, individually, and “Vacant Properties” means, collectively, the Properties listed on Schedule XI attached hereto which are not leased to or occupied by any Tenant as of the Cut-Off Date.

  • Excluded Property means, collectively: (i) Vehicles; (ii) Excluded Equity; (iii) any permit or license or any Contractual Obligation entered into by any Grantor (A) that prohibits, terminates or permits termination by any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates of such permit, license or Contractual Obligation upon, or requires the consent of any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates as a condition to, the creation by such Grantor of a Lien on any right, title or interest in such permit, license or Contractual Obligation or any Stock or Stock Equivalent related thereto or (B) to the extent that any Requirement of Law applicable thereto prohibits the creation of a Lien thereon, but only, with respect to the prohibition in (A) and (B), to the extent, and for as long as, such prohibition, termination provision or requirement for consent is not terminated or rendered unenforceable or otherwise deemed ineffective by the UCC or any other Requirement of Law or required consent is not obtained (and immediately upon the lapse, termination, unenforceability or ineffectiveness of any such prohibition, termination provision or requirement for consent or grant of such required consent, the Collateral shall include, and the Grantors shall be deemed to have automatically granted a security interest in, all such permits, licenses, Contractual Obligations or Stock or Stock Equivalents no longer subject to such prohibition or termination provision or required consent); (iv) fixed or capital assets owned by any Grantor that are subject to a purchase money Lien or a Capital Lease permitted under the Credit Agreement if the Contractual Obligation pursuant to which such Lien is granted (or in the document providing for such Capital Lease) prohibits or requires the consent of any Person other than the Borrower and its Affiliates (which consent has not been obtained) as a condition to the creation of any other Lien on such equipment; (v) any “intent to use” Trademark applications for which a statement of use has not been filed with and accepted by the Applicable IP Office (but only until such statement is filed and accepted); and (vi) any assets to the extent that, and for so long as, the requirements of Section 7.10 of the Credit Agreement do not apply thereto by reason of clause (iii) of the final paragraph of such Section; provided, that “Excluded Property” shall not include any proceeds, products, substitutions or replacements of Excluded Property (unless such proceeds, products, substitutions or replacements would otherwise constitute Excluded Property).

  • Exempt Property means tangible personal property acquired in whole or in part with Federal funds, where the Federal awarding agency has statutory authority to vest title in the recipient without further obligation to the Fed- eral Government. An example of ex- empt property authority is contained in the Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act (31 U.S.C. 6306), for property acquired under an award to conduct basic or applied research by a non-profit institution of higher edu- cation or non-profit organization whose principal purpose is conducting scientific research.

  • Exchange Property has the meaning set forth in Section 11(a).

  • Abandoned property means a submerged aircraft; a submerged watercraft, including a ship, boat, canoe, skiff, raft, or barge; the rigging, gear, fittings, trappings, and equipment of a submerged aircraft or watercraft; the personal property of the officers, crew, and passengers of a submerged aircraft or watercraft; the cargo of a submerged aircraft or watercraft that has been deserted, relinquished, cast away, or left behind and for which attempts at reclamation have been abandoned by the owners and insurers; and submerged materials resulting from activities of prehistoric and historic native Americans.

  • Excepted Property means (i) all indemnity payments (including without limitation payments pursuant to Section 7 of the Participation Agreement, whether made by adjustment to Basic Rent under the Lease or otherwise) to which any Holder, the Owner Trustee or any of their respective successors, permitted assigns, directors, officers, employees, servants or agents is entitled pursuant to the Operative Agreements, (ii) any right, title or interest of the Owner Trustee or any Holder to any payment which by the terms of Section 17 of the Lease or any corresponding payment under Section 3.3 of the Lease that is payable to the Owner Trustee or to any Holder, as the case may be, (iii) any insurance proceeds payable under insurance maintained by the Owner Trustee or any Holder respecting the Equipment, (iv) any insurance proceeds payable (or payments with respect to rights self-insured or policy deductibles) to the Owner Trustee or to any Holder, or any of their directors, officers, employees, servants or agents under any insurance maintained by the Lessee pursuant to Section 12 of the Lease or by any other Person (or governmental indemnities in lieu thereof or in addition thereto), (v) any amount payable to any Holder by any Transferee as the purchase price of such Holder's interest in the Trust Estate in compliance with the terms of the Participation Agreement and the Trust Agreement, (vi) payments owing to any Holder, including a return of funds to such Holder, in the event the Closing does not occur, (vii) all right, title and interest of the Owner Trustee and any Holder to amounts distributable and/or distributed from time to time to them as provided in Section 6.9 of the Participation Agreement and such other rights as are specifically reserved or granted to any Holder and the Owner Trustee under the Loan Agreement, (viii) Transaction Costs and other amounts, fees, disbursements and expenses paid or payable to or for the benefit of the Owner Trustee, (ix) upon termination of the Loan Agreement in accordance with the terms thereof, all remaining property covered by the Security Documents, (x) payments in respect of yield on the Certificates, (xi) payments in respect of interest to the extent attributable to payments otherwise referenced in this definition of "Excepted Property", (xii) the respective rights of the Owner Trustee or the Holder to the proceeds of the foregoing and (xiii) any rights of the Holder or the Owner Trustee to demand, collect, xxx for or otherwise receive and enforce payment of the foregoing amounts. For purposes of this definition, references to the Owner Trustee shall be deemed to refer to the Owner Trustee in its trust and individual capacities.

  • Designated Property means shares of regulated investment companies or any other property, except for cash, cash equivalents, or securities of the Company or its affiliates, designated by the Committee as subject to purchase through the exercise of an Option.

  • Distributed Property shall have the meaning specified in Section 14.04(c).

  • Unencumbered Properties means a Property that: (a) is one hundred percent (100%) fee owned by a member of the Consolidated Group or subject to a ground lease approved by the Administrative Agent (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed); provided, that if such property is subject to a ground lease and the Unencumbered NOI related to such ground lease does not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the aggregate Net Operating Income of such property, such ground lease shall be deemed approved by the Administrative Agent; (b) is located in the United States; (c) is not subject to any Liens other than Permitted Liens or any Negative Pledges and the owner thereof has (i) not granted a Negative Pledge to any other creditor that would affect the Lenders’ ability to take a Lien on such property and (ii) not agreed to guarantee or otherwise become liable for any Indebtedness of another party; (d) if such Property is a single tenant Property, it is one hundred percent (100%) occupied, (e) is a shopping center retail property or such other type of property consented to by the Lenders; (f) is not subject to any material environmental, title or structural problems; (g) is not subject to any leases that are in payment or bankruptcy default, after giving effect to any notice or cure periods set forth therein; provided that, in the case of multi-tenant Properties, the qualification in this clause (g) shall be limited to leases of anchor tenants in payment or bankruptcy default; (h) is insured in accordance with the requirements under the Loan Documents and (i) is not owned by a Subsidiary that, if such Subsidiary was subject to Section 9.01(f) or (g), would cause an Event of Default under either such Section.

  • Disposed of Adjusted Property has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 6.1(d)(xii)(B).

  • Adjacent Property means a property

  • Stabilized Property means a completed Property that has achieved an Occupancy Rate of at least eighty percent (80%) for a period of not less than one (1) full calendar quarter.

  • Foreclosed Property The Property or other Collateral securing the Mortgage Loan, title to which has been acquired by the Special Servicer on behalf of the Trust and the Companion Loan Holders through foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure or otherwise in the name of the Trustee or its nominee.

  • Covered Property means the address that is eligible for coverage and identified on the Cover Page. The Covered Property must be for residential single-family home, town home or condominium (including manufactured housing, which must be anchored to a permanent foundation and not moved during the duration of this Contract) under 5,000 square feet but excludes commercial property or residential property used for commercial purposes.

  • Undeveloped Land means (a) land owned in fee by the Borrower or any Subsidiary as of December 31, 2011 which at the time of determination has not been developed for commercial or residential purposes, (b) land acquired by the Borrower or any Subsidiary subsequent to December 31, 2011 pursuant to a Code section 1031 like-kind exchange (in exchange for land described in clause (a) or (b) of this definition) which at the time of determination has not been developed for commercial or residential purposes, or (c) capital stock or other equity interests of a Subsidiary which owns as its principal asset, directly or indirectly, Undeveloped Land described in clause (a) or (b) of this definition.

  • Mixed-use property means an eligible property that includes three or more residential units and may also contain a commercial property component in the same building.

  • Unimproved Land means land on which no development (other than improvements that are not material and are temporary in nature) has occurred and for which no development is scheduled in the following 12 months.

  • Subject Property means any premises located in the County on which an energy efficiency improvements, water efficiency improvements, or renewable resource applications are being or have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.

  • Income Property means, in respect of each Sub-Fund, (a) all interest, dividends and other sums deemed by the Trustee, (after consulting the auditors either on a general or case by case basis), to be in the nature of income (including taxation repayments, if any) received or receivable by the Trustee in respect of the Deposited Property of the relevant Sub-Fund (whether in cash or, without limitation, by warrant, cheque, money, credit or otherwise or the proceeds of sale or transfer of any Income Property received in a form other than cash); (b) all interest and other sums received or receivable by the Trustee in respect of (a), (c) or (d) of this definition; (c) all cash payments received or receivable by the Trustee for the account of the relevant Sub-Fund in respect of an Application; and (d) all Cancellation Compensation received by the Trustee for the account of the relevant Sub-Fund; (e) any payments to be received or are receivable by the Trustee under any contractual agreements in the nature of investments for the benefit of the relevant Sub-Fund but excluding (i) the Deposited Property; (ii) any amount for the time being standing to the credit of the distribution account for the account of the relevant Sub-Fund or previously distributed to Unitholders; (iii) gains for the account of the relevant Sub-Fund arising from the realisation of Securities; and (iv) any sums applied towards payment of the fees, costs and expenses payable by the Trust from the Income Property of the relevant Sub-Fund;