Stock Incentives definition

Stock Incentives means, collectively, Incentive Stock Options and Non-Qualified Stock Options.
Stock Incentives means collectively the Restricted Stock Awards, SARs and Options.

Examples of Stock Incentives in a sentence

  • If any adjustment under this Section creates a fractional Share or a right to acquire a fractional Share, such fractional Share shall be disregarded, and the number of Shares reserved under this Plan and the number subject to any Stock Incentives granted under this Plan shall be the next lower number of Shares, rounding all fractions downward.

  • The Board also may suspend the granting of Stock Incentives under this Plan at any time and may terminate this Plan at any time.

  • Unless the Committee provides otherwise, vesting of Stock Incentives granted hereunder will be suspended during any unpaid leave of absence.

  • This Plan shall continue in effect until all outstanding Stock Incentives have been exercised in full or are no longer exercisable and all Restricted Stock Awards or Restricted Stock Units have vested or been forfeited.

  • Participants designated by the Committee may be permitted to reduce compensation otherwise payable in cash in exchange for Shares or other Stock Incentives under the Plan.

More Definitions of Stock Incentives

Stock Incentives means, collectively, Incentive Stock ----------------- Options and Nonqualified Stock Options.
Stock Incentives. If you are eligible for stock incentives, separate plan documents will be provided to you. Such plan may be authorized, amended or discontinued by the Board in its sole discretion. Unless specifically provided for in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement shall have any effect on any existing agreements regarding the Company’s equity incentive programs in which you participate, have participated or are eligible to participate, including without limitation restricted stock, options, common stock, or any other equity instrument (“Equity Incentive Programs”).
Stock Incentives means, collectively, Options, Stock Appreciation Rights, and Other Stock-Based Awards.
Stock Incentives means, collectively, Options and Stock Awards.