SPS definition

SPS means ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (2009);
SPS means ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (2009); and
SPS or “Safeguard Policy Statement” means ADB's Safeguard Policy Statement (2009);

Examples of SPS in a sentence

  • The EARF ensures that succeeding tranches comply with SPS 2009 and the applicable national laws and regulations.

  • As required by ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement 2009 (SPS 2009), an environmental assessment and review framework (EARF) was prepared for the MFF approved in 2009 to provide guidance on environmental screening, assessment, institutional arrangements, and procedures to be followed for the succeeding tranches in the MFF where components have not yet been fully defined and locations not yet identified.

  • Any other information needed to insure compliance with this section and Chapter SPS 383 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.

  • Following SPS 2009 and the EARF, an IEE was prepared for Tranche 4.

  • Among other elements, the paper critically reviews the perspectives of the public and private sector stakeholders involved in the AGOA forums, the implications of bringing AGOA in conformity with WTO rules, and the challenges the African region faces in terms of complying with standards and SPS in the US export markets, eliminating supply-side constraints and diversifying trade.

More Definitions of SPS

SPS means a special protection system intended to increase the deliverability of energy from the Athens Plant when the Athens Plant is operating by permitting post-contingency loading of either of lines 91 or 92 on the Transmission System up to its short term emergency rating, as established by the NYISO, following the contingent loss of either line 91 or line 92 and that will automatically cause a reduction in generation output at the Athens Plant within two (2) minutes to a level that reduces the loading of the remaining line to below its long term emergency rating as established by the NYISO and includes the systems installed pursuant to the December 14, 2006 Agreement and this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Redundant SPS Configuration.
SPS means Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
SPS means ADB’s Safeguard Policy Statement dated 2009; and
SPS. Fund V", "Fund VI", "Grantee" and "Funds Agent" have the meanings given them above. Reference is also made to the Original Purchase Agreement and to the Original Conveyance for the meaning of various terms defined therein, all of which shall when used herein (unless otherwise expressly defined herein) have the same meanings. For purposes of this Supplement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following additional terms shall have the following meanings: