Definition of PMI

PMI means Prosper Marketplace, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
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PMI means the default insurance provided by private mortgage insurance companies.
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PMI means Provident Midstream Inc.;
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Examples of PMI in a sentence

If such PMI Policy is terminated as a result of such assumption or substitution of liability, the Servicer shall obtain a replacement PMI Policy as provided above.
The Servicer shall not take any action which would result in noncoverage under any applicable PMI Policy of any loss which, but for the actions of the Servicer would have been covered thereunder.
In the event that such PMI Policy shall be terminated, the Servicer shall obtain from another Qualified Insurer a comparable replacement policy, with a total coverage equal to the remaining coverage of such terminated PMI Policy, at substantially the same fee level.
In connection with any assumption or substitution agreements entered into or to be entered into with respect to a Mortgage Loan, the Servicer shall promptly notify the insurer under the related PMI Policy, if any, of such assumption or substitution of liability in accordance with the terms of such PMI Policy and shall take all actions which may be required by such insurer as a condition to the continuation of coverage under such PMI Policy.
All provisions of such PMI Policy have been and are being complied with, such policy is in full force and effect, and all premiums due thereunder have been paid.

More definitions of PMI

PMI means Project Management Institute.
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PMI means Parallax Medical Inc. and its Affiliates
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