Special Redemption definition

Special Redemption has the meaning set forth in Section 15.1.A hereof.
Special Redemption. As defined in Section 9.6.
Special Redemption means either a Special Mandatory Redemption or a Special Optional Redemption.

Examples of Special Redemption in a sentence

  • In addition, in connection with a redemption pursuant to clause (ii), the Collateral Manager on the Issuer’s behalf may elect to direct a Special Redemption on any Business Day other than a Payment Date as described in Section 7.18 (such date also a “Special Redemption Date” and the applicable amount paid as a redemption thereunder, also a “Special Redemption Amount”).

  • Notice of payments pursuant to this Section 9.6 shall be provided by the Trustee in the name and at the expense of the Issuer not less than three Business Days prior to the applicable Special Redemption Date to each Holder of Debt affected thereby at such Holder’s facsimile number, email address or mailing address in the Notes Register and to the Rating Agency.

More Definitions of Special Redemption

Special Redemption means any redemption of the Securities of this series pursuant to the provisions set forth under in the section "—Special Mandatory Redemption" above.
Special Redemption. The meaning specified in Section 9.7.
Special Redemption shall have the meaning specified in Section 3.01.
Special Redemption means, with respect to any Distribution Date during the Reinvestment Period, the payment of the Special Redemption Amount by the Issuer following written notice delivered by the Servicer to the Trustee on or before the related Reference Date that:
Special Redemption means the mandatory redemption of the Securities pursuant to Paragraph 5 of the Securities required to take place in the event (i) the purchase agreement relating to the Acquisition is terminated or (ii) the Acquisition is not consummated on substantially the terms described in the Offering Memorandum on or prior to December 15, 2003.
Special Redemption means a redemption of the Notes in whole pursuant to Section 3.01(c).