Note Redemption Price definition

Note Redemption Price means, for the Redemption Date, an amount equal to the sum of:
Note Redemption Price means, an amount equal to the sum of (i) the Note Balance as of the Redemption Date, (ii) the Interest Distributable Amount payable on the Payment Date on which the redemption occurs and (iii) all Issuer Obligations.
Note Redemption Price means, with respect to any Notes to be redeemed under the Indenture, the Redemption Price for such redemption and related Note Redemption Date determined in accordance with the Indenture.

Examples of Note Redemption Price in a sentence

  • However, the Servicer may not purchase the Sold Property unless the sum of (i) the purchase price, (ii) the Collections in the Collection Account for the Collection Period and (iii) any Purchase Amounts paid by the Depositor or the Servicer for the Collection Period is greater than or equal to the sum of (A) the Note Redemption Price for the Notes and (B) all other amounts payable by the Issuer under the Transaction Documents.

More Definitions of Note Redemption Price

Note Redemption Price means, with respect to each Component Note to be redeemed on a Redemption Date, the sum of (1) the greater of (A) the principal amount of such Component Note; and (B) the present value, as of such Redemption Date, of all remaining scheduled principal and interest payments on such Component Note from, but excluding, such Redemption Date through, and including, the Stated Maturity date of the principal of such Component Note (not including any portion of such payments of interest that have accrued, or for which the Regular Record Date has occurred, as of such Redemption Date), such present value to be calculated using discounting, on a semi-annual basis assuming a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months, at a discount rate equal to the lesser of (i) the Treasury Rate plus fifty (50) basis points and (ii) fifteen percent (15%); and (2) (without duplication) unpaid interest that has accrued on such Component Note to, but excluding, such Redemption Date; provided, however, that if such Redemption Date is after the Regular Record Date for a payment of interest on such Component Note and on or before the next Interest Payment Date of such Component Note, then (x) pursuant to the third sentence of Section 2.9, such payment of interest shall, notwithstanding such redemption, be made, on such Interest Payment Date, to the Holder of such Component Note as of the close of business on such Regular Record Date; (y) for avoidance of doubt, such present value in clause (1)(B) above shall be calculated excluding such payment of interest; and (z) clause (2) above will be deemed to be equal to zero (0). Notwithstanding anything in the Indenture to the contrary, the present value to be calculated pursuant to clause (1)(B) above shall be calculated assuming that the Component Note Interest Rate of such tranche of Component Notes in effect at the open of business on the applicable Redemption Date will not thereafter be changed. The Note Redemption Price shall be calculated by the Company.

Related to Note Redemption Price

  • Optional Redemption Price means $25,000 per share plus an amount equal to accumulated but unpaid dividends (whether or not earned or declared) to the date fixed for redemption and excluding Additional Dividends plus any applicable redemption premium attributable to the designation of a Premium Call Period.

  • Final Redemption Date means for each Series, the final redemption date specified in the Final Terms for such Series.

  • Monthly Redemption Amount means, as to a Monthly Redemption, $______, plus accrued but unpaid interest, liquidated damages and any other amounts then owing to the Holder in respect of this Debenture.

  • Optional Redemption Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6(a).

  • Monthly Redemption Date means the 1st of each month, commencing immediately upon the nine month anniversary of the Original Issue Date and terminating upon the full redemption of this Debenture.