Spear definition

Spear means a pole or shaft with an attached sharp barbed point or points designed for the purpose of impaling a fish, but does not include a snag line or snag pole, snaghook or cluster of hooks that might be used for snagging as prohibited by s. NR 20.06 (8).
Spear or "spearing" means to fish while the person is fully submerged under the water's surface with a mechanically aided device designed to accelerate a barbed spear.
Spear means an instrument with 1 or more pointed barbed or barless prongs or blades that are not detachable from the handle or shaft of the instrument. It may be thrown by hand or propelled by a gun or mechanical device.

Examples of Spear in a sentence

The Grantee’s contract administrator for this Agreement is: Brian Spear, Manager 2605 Maitland Center Parkway, Ste.

J Brierly & T Spear, ‘Mutesa, The Missionaries, and Christian Conversion in Buganda’ 21 The International Journal of African Historical Studies (1988) 601, 603, 609.

I have reviewed this Quarterly report on Form 10-Q of Spear & Jackson, Inc.

Spear, Race, Sex, and Social Order in Early New Orleans (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010), 59–68; and Thomas N.

Spear President of the Senate The Honorable Steve Sviggum Speaker of the House of Representatives We, the undersigned conferees for S.

More Definitions of Spear

Spear means a long-shafted, sharply pointed, hand held instrument with or without barbs used to spear fish from above the surface of the water.
Spear means a pole tipped with a minimum of three barbed tines which are a minimum of 3" long and each tine having a barb extending perpendicular which is greater than 1/8 inch; and when used as a verb, means reducing or attempting to reduce to possession fish by means of a hand held spear or other similar device which is directed by the spearer for the purpose of impaling the target fish, and may include the use of artificial light. When used as a verb, spear shall also mean snagging for the purpose of this ordinance.
Spear means a device for thrusting or throwing consisting of a long staff with a sharpened point or to which a sharp head is fixed.
Spear means a hand, rubber, or spring-propelled spear.
Spear means a sharp, pointed, or barbed instrument on a shaft.
Spear means a sharp, pointed, or barbed instrument on a shaft;
Spear means any fishing device consisting of a straight rigid shaft with one or more sharpened points at one end of the shaft, along with any device that aids in the aiming accuracy or the force of propulsion of the shaft. A spear includes, but is not limited to, spear gun, bow and arrow, Hawaiian sling, and three-prong spear. A spear also includes any similar device that is capable of impaling aquatic life to allow capture, with or without the aid of artificial propulsion.