SLP definition

SLP means Silver Lake Management Company III, L.L.C., Silver Lake Management Company IV, L.L.C. and their respective affiliated management companies and investment vehicles.
SLP means a speech-language pathologist.
SLP means speech-language pathology.

Examples of SLP in a sentence

  • West Coast Pharma & AnrAIR 2012 Gujarart 142Impugned order staved in SLP 22195/2012- SLP admittedC.A. No. 8254 / 2013 Registered on 12-09-2013 @586 Vol.

  • The4748 addressable nodes now include SCPs as well as HLRs, and potentially others such as Service Nodes49 (SNs).50 5152 C.5 The SLP Will Respond with an Executable Instruction5354 The MSC expects that the SLP will respond with an appropriate instruction on how to process the55 call.

  • Barnett (1991) found that the TBO mode is that of a quasi-progressive wave and the ENSO mode is of the standing wave for global sea surface temperature (SST) and sea level pressure (SLP); however, no satisfactory explanation on the physical processes involved in both these scales is suggested.El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is considered to be a major factor determining the interannual variability of Indian summer monsoon rainfall (ISMR).

  • Similar peaks are observed for many parameters in the tropical region like meridional wind component, sea level pressure (SLP) difference between Asian continent and northwest Pacific (Lau and Sheu 1988; Tomita and Yasunari 1996).

  • High Court declined injunction to the Plaintiff.The impugned judgment has been set aside by theHon'ble Supreme Court in SLP No. 33164 /2014vide order dated 5.07.2016 @ 580-585 Vol.

More Definitions of SLP

SLP means Silver Lake Partners and its affiliates.
SLP shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
SLP means the Support and Service Level Policy for the Products set forth in Appendix 1 hereto.
SLP has the meaning set forth in the seventh Whereas clause of this Agreement.
SLP means the social and labour plan contemplated in section 23 of the MPRDA;
SLP means any one of them;