SLP definition

SLP means Silver Lake Management Company III, L.L.C., Silver Lake Management Company IV, L.L.C. and their respective affiliated management companies and investment vehicles.
SLP means Silver Lake Partners and its affiliates.

Examples of SLP in a sentence

  • This evolution suggests that the boreal fall/winter ENSO events following the JFM CF2 SLP variability are not simply due to the internal variability of the atmosphere-ocean system, but may instead be initiated by subtropical forcing (Vimont et al., 2001, 2003a; Anderson, 2003).

  • This SST oscillation confirms the strong biennial frequency of the SST time-series seen in Figures 6, 7.In contrast, the CF2-related SSTs do not exhibit any large-scale anomalies during the 12 months preceding the SLP anomalies (Figure 9).

  • Figure 9 shows the SST anomalies as regressed against the CF2 SLP time-series.

  • During boreal winter prior to the JFM SLP time-period, a weak Pacific dipole contains negative depth anomalies centered on Indonesia and positive depth anomalies over the eastern equatorial Pacific.

  • Axie Infinity was one of the first games to perfect this, allowing for the millions of their players to earn their Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens by battling their cartoonish, Pokémon-like monsters.

More Definitions of SLP

SLP means the social and labour plan contemplated in section 23 of the MPRDA;
SLP means the Support and Service Level Policy for the Products set forth in Appendix 1 hereto.
SLP shall have the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
SLP means Silver Lake Partners, L.P. and its Affiliates, provided that no such Affiliate shall be deemed to be a member of SLP to the extent it ceases to be Controlled by, or under common Control with, Silver Lake Partners, L.P.