Shelterwood cutting definition

Shelterwood cutting means removing a significant portion (generally one-half to one-third) of the mature trees in one cut from an area, with the remaining trees providing a source of seed and shelter for a new stand of trees. Residual mature trees will be removed after the establishment of the new stand of trees.

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  • Shelterwood cutting(1) Shelterwood cutting is divided into shelterwood compartment cutting, group selective cutting and shelterwood strip cutting.

  • Shelterwood cutting" means removing a significant portion (generally one-half to one-third) of the mature trees in one cut from an area, with the remaining trees providing a source of seed and shelter for a new stand of trees.

  • Shelterwood cutting involves gradual removal of portions of the stand at specified intervals, with the objective of establishing an understory of new trees by the time the cutting cycle is completed.

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  • Shelterwood cutting is not always essential for oak regeneration in alluvial floodplains because species such as water oak and willow oak (Q.

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  • The approval by the Board of the subdivision plan shall not be deemed to constitute or be evidence of any acceptance by the Town of any street, easement, park, playground, recreation area, or other open space area shown on such plan and the Final Plan shall bear a statement to this effect.

  • Shelterwood cutting Shelterwood cutting involves a gradual removal of the over story to develop desirable natural regeneration.

  • Shelterwood CuttingShelterwood cutting involves the removal of all trees from an area except for several large trees that provide shade for developing seedlings.

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