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Landfill cell means a discrete volume of a hazardous waste landfill which uses a liner to provide isolation of wastes from adjacent cells or wastes. Examples of landfill cells are trenches and pits.
Landfill cell means a discrete volume of a landfill which uses a liner system to provide isolation of solid waste from adjacent cells of solid waste.

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The first factor includes the variables „Special management for hazardous waste“, Landfill cell waterproofing“, „Daily coverage of the waste with soil“, „Biogas exploitation“ and „Placement of special bins for the organic waste and it can be titled as waste management policies – strategies concerning the landfill site.

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Landfill cell means each unique section designed and constructed to contain volume of Eligible Waste in the active Landfill;
Landfill cell means a compartment within a tipping area in which waste is deposited, and enclosed by cover material.
Landfill cell means a designed or designated area of a landfill comprised of an excavation or earthen structure in which waste is enclosed;
Landfill cell means that portion of compacted MSW in a landfill that is enclosed by cover after a designated period.
Landfill cell means a discrete area of land or an excavation that receives solid waste.

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