Burswood Casino definition

Burswood Casino means that area in the Resort Complex identified in the Drawings as the area to constitute the casino and includes the area in which money counting, surveillance, storage and other activities relating to the conduct and playing of Games are carried on or, if and when the area to which the Burswood Casino Licence relates is fixed pursuant to section 21(4a) of the Control Act, the area so fixed as thereafter altered from time to time in accordance with that section;
Burswood Casino means those premises in the Resort Complex identified in the Drawings as the areas to constitute the casino and includes areas in which money counting, surveillance, storage and other activities related to the conduct and playing of Games are carried on; and
Burswood Casino. Control Act”, “Resort Complex”, “Resort Site”, “Site” and “Trust Deed” and inserting the following definitions: — “this Agreement” means this Agreement as amended from time to time, whether in accordance with clause 5 or otherwise, and includes any schedule or annexure hereto;

Examples of Burswood Casino in a sentence

  • As the tavern is located within the 200-kilometre radius of the Burswood Casino and therefore a standard permit for the conducting of two-up cannot be issued, the application could not be approved.Dr S.C. Thomas: When was the Burswood Casino act passed?Mr E.S. RIPPER: About 1985.Dr S.C. Thomas: Why did they get a five-year licence from 2001 to 2006?Mr E.S. RIPPER: I can speak only on the advice I have been given on the legal situation.

  • While working at the firm, Bishop as managing partner, worked on behalf of the Tobacco Institute fighting a high profile passive smoking case (Burswood Casino) and opposing an active anti-smoking lobby in Western Australia.

  • Vic), s2.3.1; s2.3.2In Western Australia, a permit may be granted to play two-up at country race meetings to country race clubs located more than 100km from Burswood Casino.

  • The hours of solicitation will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays, beginning January 27, 2014 and continuing as indicated on the schedule.

  • Through subsidiaries, it owns the Burswood Casino in Western Australia and Melbourne Casino.

  • The re- spondent organisation is an organisation, as that is defined ins.7 of the Act.The second and third named respondents are said to be em- ployers, employing a number of persons at the Burswood Casino in this State.The applicant alleges breaches of the rules of the LTU, and seeks an inquiry into an election of officers of the Committee of Management of the LTU which occurred in 1997.

  • We also face competition from regional competitors, which include Crown’s Crown Casino Melbourne and Burswood Casino in Australia.

  • The question that arose was whether that relationship or the relationship between Stanley Ho and his son meant that the undertaking had been breached.Second, the Nine Network, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age published articles alleging that improper conduct was taking place at both Burswood Casino and the Melbourne Casino.

  • Perth Vertical Wind TunnelIDZ has announced a 20 year lease (plus 2 x 10 year options) for the development of its third VWT in Perth, to be located on a 3,931 m2 site on the Great Eastern Highway between the Burswood Casino and the Perth Airport.IDZ will construct a 14 foot tunnel using the latest technology at a cost of between $10m and $12m, with construction expected to commence in 2H FY2015 for completion during 2H FY2016.

  • The final and neutral behavior involves interacting with an object as a cleaning table.

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