Burswood Casino definition

Burswood Casino means that area in the Resort Complex identified in the Drawings as the area to constitute the casino and includes the area in which money counting, surveillance, storage and other activities relating to the conduct and playing of Games are carried on or, if and when the area to which the Burswood Casino Licence relates is fixed pursuant to section 21(4a) of the Control Act, the area so fixed as thereafter altered from time to time in accordance with that section;
Burswood Casino means those premises in the Resort Complex identified in the Drawings as the areas to constitute the casino and includes areas in which money counting, surveillance, storage and other activities related to the conduct and playing of Games are carried on; and
Burswood Casino. Control Act”, “Resort Complex”, “Resort Site”, “Site” and “Trust Deed” and inserting the following definitions: — “this Agreement” means this Agreement as amended from time to time, whether in accordance with clause 5 or otherwise, and includes any schedule or annexure hereto;

Examples of Burswood Casino in a sentence

  • Development Proposals with respect to the construction establishment and development of the Resort, including within the Resort Complex the Burswood Casino, have been submitted to and accepted in principle by the Minister.

  • The delegation visited the Burswood Casino Hotel on the outskirts of Perth a peninsular location similar in form to that of our own International Sports Village that included a casino, nine restaurants and five bars, an international five star hotel, a Convention Centre, and the largest indoor stadium in Australia, the Burswood Dome.

  • The prohibition on the playing of two-up from a 200-kilometre radius of Burswood Casino is reduced to the 100 kilometre radius.

  • The re- spondent organisation is an organisation, as that is defined ins.7 of the Act.The second and third named respondents are said to be em- ployers, employing a number of persons at the Burswood Casino in this State.The applicant alleges breaches of the rules of the LTU, and seeks an inquiry into an election of officers of the Committee of Management of the LTU which occurred in 1997.

  • We are unable to explain how the RTL Procurement Manager knew Tamara was my sister nor how he knew she was at the Burswood Casino.

  • Vic), s2.3.1; s2.3.2In Western Australia, a permit may be granted to play two-up at country race meetings to country race clubs located more than 100km from Burswood Casino.

  • We also face competition from regional competitors, which include Crown’s Crown Casino Melbourne and Burswood Casino in Australia.

  • His most recent role was as Chief operating officer– Gaming at Burswood Casino.

  • The question that arose was whether that relationship or the relationship between Stanley Ho and his son meant that the undertaking had been breached.Second, the Nine Network, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age published articles alleging that improper conduct was taking place at both Burswood Casino and the Melbourne Casino.

  • For example, while Western Australia’s Burswood Casino is specifically exempted from the smoke-free regulations in that state, intense lobbying and union pressure led to the venue introducing a smoke-free policy.

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