Parent Stock Option definition

Parent Stock Option means any option to purchase Parent Common Stock granted under any Parent Stock Plan.
Parent Stock Option has the meaning set forth Section 1.9(a).
Parent Stock Option means the option to purchase a share of Parent Common Stock.

Examples of Parent Stock Option in a sentence

  • Each such Parent Stock Option as so assumed and converted shall continue to have, and shall be subject to, the same terms and conditions as applied to the Company Stock Option immediately prior to the Effective Time.

  • Such Parent Stock Option shall otherwise be subject to the same terms and conditions as such Company Stock Option.

  • There are no commitments or agreements of any character to which Parent is bound obligating Parent to accelerate the vesting of any Parent Stock Option as a result of the Merger.

  • True and complete copies of all agreements and instruments relating to or issued under the Parent Stock Option Plan have been made available to Company and such agreements and instruments have not been amended, modified or supplemented, and there are no agreements to amend, modify or supplement such agreements or instruments in any case from the form made available to Company.

  • As of September 30, 2000, Parent had reserved an aggregate of 59,884,263 shares of Parent Common Stock, net of exercises, for issuance to employees, consultants and non-employee directors pursuant to the Parent Stock Option Plans, under which (i) options were outstanding to purchase an aggregate of 54,630,672 shares; and (ii) 5,253,591 shares were available for future grant.

More Definitions of Parent Stock Option

Parent Stock Option means any option to purchase Parent Common Stock.
Parent Stock Option means a stock option to purchase shares of Parent Common Stock.
Parent Stock Option shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 4.2(b) hereof.
Parent Stock Option is defined in Section 2.05.
Parent Stock Option means an option to purchase a Share granted under a Parent equity plan.
Parent Stock Option shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(a).
Parent Stock Option means an Option to acquire Parent common stock received by a Parent or Spinco Employee in connection with his or her employment, which Option has not yet been exercised as of the Distribution Date.