Servicer Fee definition

Servicer Fee has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(a).
Servicer Fee means a fee with respect to each Accounting Period, payable in arrears on each Settlement Date for the account of the Servicer, in an amount equal to the product of (i) one-twelfth of the Servicer Fee Rate and (ii) the aggregate Principal Balances of all Pledged Contracts as of the last day of such Accounting Period; provided that if the Servicer is not DTCC or an Affiliate of DTAC, the Servicer Fee shall be reflective of the market rate for servicing similar Contracts.
Servicer Fee is defined in Section 3.5.

Examples of Servicer Fee in a sentence

  • The Servicer Fee calculated for each Month shall be paid on the last London Business Day during such Month.

  • Each party further agrees to pay its or his own arbitration costs, attorneys’ fees, and expenses, unless otherwise required by the AAA’s then-existing arbitration rules.

  • If, however, the Servicer Fee for any Month is a negative number, then the Servicer shall pay the absolute value of such number to the Partnership.

More Definitions of Servicer Fee

Servicer Fee means the compensation payable under the Servicing Agreement to the Servicer.
Servicer Fee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b) of the Servicing Agreement.
Servicer Fee means on each Payment Date (in accordance with and subject to the Priority of Payments) the amount equal to the product of (i) one-half of the Administrative Fee Base Rate and (ii) the aggregate DC nameplate capacity (measured in kW) of all the PV Systems owned by the Issuer as of the first day of the related Collection Period (excluding PV Systems related to Defaulted Solar Assets that are not operational and not in the process of being removed, repaired or replaced).
Servicer Fee means on any Payment Date, an amount equal to one per cent. per annum (calculated on the basis of a 365 day year for days actually elapsed) of the Discounted Receivables Balance for such Payment Date.
Servicer Fee is defined in Section 2.4(b).
Servicer Fee has the meaning assigned to the term in Section 3.1.2.
Servicer Fee means, for each Collection Period, a fee payable to the Servicer in arrears on each Payment Date (in accordance with the Priority of Payments) in an amount equal to the amount provided for in the Servicing Agreement.