Series Supplement definition

Series Supplement. The agreement into which this Standard Terms is incorporated and pursuant to which, together with this Standard Terms, a Series of Certificates is issued.
Series Supplement means the indenture supplemental to the Indenture in the form attached as Exhibit B to the Indenture that authorizes the issuance of the Securitization Bonds.
Series Supplement means a supplement to the Base Indenture complying with the terms of Section 2.2 of this Base Indenture.

Examples of Series Supplement in a sentence

  • As of the date hereof, the Issuer shall appoint a firm of Independent registered public accountants of recognized national reputation for purposes of preparing and delivering the reports or certificates of such accountants required by this Indenture and the Series Supplement.

  • Notwithstanding any provision of this Indenture or any Series Supplement to the contrary, Holders shall look only to the Collateral with respect to any amounts due to the Holders hereunder and under the Energy Transition Bonds and, in the event such Collateral is insufficient to pay in full the amounts owed on the Energy Transition Bonds, shall have no recourse against the Issuer in respect of such insufficiency.

  • The Issuer shall have made or caused to be made all filings with the Commission and the New Mexico Secured Transaction Registry pursuant to the Financing Order and the Energy Transition Act and all other filings necessary to perfect the Grant of the Collateral to the Indenture Trustee and the Lien of this Indenture and the Series Supplement, including but not limited to UCC Financing Statements in Delaware or New Mexico as applicable.

  • An Officer’s Certificate, dated the Series Closing Date, of the Issuer certifying that (i) the Issuer has duly authorized the execution and delivery of this Indenture and the Series Supplement and the execution and delivery of the Series of Energy Transition Bonds and (ii) the Series Supplement is in the form attached thereto and complies with the requirements of Section 2.02.

  • Copies of (i) the Financing Order which shall be in full force and effect and be Final, (ii) certified resolutions of the Managers or Member of the Issuer authorizing the execution and delivery of the Series Supplement and the execution, authentication and delivery of the Energy Transition Bonds and (iii) a Series Supplement duly executed by the Issuer.

More Definitions of Series Supplement

Series Supplement means an indenture supplemental to the Indenture that authorizes a particular Series of Securitization Bonds, as the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time.
Series Supplement has the meaning specified in the Indenture.
Series Supplement. The Series 2002-CC Series Supplement, dated as of October 9, 2002.
Series Supplement. An agreement incorporating these Standard Terms that authorizes the issuance of a particular Series (and each Class within such Series) of Certificates.
Series Supplement dated as of April 16, 2004 (the "Supplement"), by and between MERRILL LYNCH DEPOSITOR, INC., a Delaware corporation, as Depositor, XXX XXXK XX XEW YORK, a New York corporation, as Trustee and Securities Intermediary.
Series Supplement has the meaning set forth in the preamble.