Initial Series Sample Clauses

Initial Series. The Trust hereby appoints the Adviser to act as adviser and investment manager to the Initial Series for the period and on the terms herein set forth. The Adviser accepts such appointment and agrees to render the services herein set forth, for the compensation herein provided.
Initial Series. The senior secured promissory notes will initially be issued in six Series.
Initial Series. This Plan shall become effective with respect to the Shares of the Initial Series as of the later of (i) the date on which an amendment to the Registration Statement on Form N-1A with respect to the Shares becomes effective under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended or (ii) the date on which the Initial Series commences offering the Shares to the public and shall continue in effect with respect to the Shares (subject to Section 4(d) hereof) until one year from the date of such effectiveness, unless the continuation of this Plan shall have been approved with respect to the Shares in accordance with the provisions of Section 4(c) hereof.
Initial Series. Initially, the Trust shall be divided into the following two Series:

Related to Initial Series

  • Additional Series In the event that the Trust establishes one or more series after the effectiveness of this Agreement ("Additional Series"), Appendix A to this Agreement may be amended to make such Additional Series subject to this Agreement upon the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Trust and the shareholder(s) of the Additional Series, in accordance with the provisions of the Act. The Trust or the Adviser may elect not to make any such series subject to this Agreement.

  • IN SERIES The aggregate principal amount of Securities which may be authenticated and delivered under this Indenture is unlimited. The Securities may be issued in one or more series. There shall be established in or pursuant to a Board Resolution and, subject to Section 303, set forth, or determined in the manner provided, in an Officers' Certificate, or established in one or more indentures supplemental hereto, prior to the issuance of Securities of any series,

  • Other Series The Trustees shall determine the basis for making an appropriate allocation of the Trust's expenses (other than those directly attributable to the Fund) between the Fund and the other series of the Trust.

  • REMIC Certificate Maturity Date Solely for purposes of satisfying Section 1.860G-1(a)(4)(iii) of the Treasury Regulations, the "latest possible maturity date" of the regular interests in the Upper-Tier REMIC, Middle-Tier REMIC and Lower-Tier REMIC is October 25, 2035.

  • Designation Amount and Issue of Notes The Notes shall be designated as “2005 Series A 3¼% Convertible Notes due 2023”. Notes not to exceed the aggregate principal amount of $300,000,000 (except pursuant to Sections 2.05, 2.06, 3.03, 3.05, 3.06, 3.10 and 15.02 hereof) upon the execution of this Indenture, or from time to time thereafter, may be executed by the Company and delivered to the Trustee for authentication, and the Trustee shall thereupon authenticate and deliver said Notes to or upon the written order of the Company, signed by its Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President or any Vice President (whether or not designated by a number or numbers or word or words added before or after the title “Vice President”), the Treasurer or any Assistant Treasurer or the Secretary or Assistant Secretary, without any further action by the Company hereunder.

  • New Series The terms and provisions of this Agreement shall become automatically applicable to any additional series of the Trust established during the initial or renewal term of this Agreement.

  • Series The current Series of the Trust are set forth on Schedule A hereto. The Trustees may from time to time authorize the division of Shares into additional Series. The relative rights, preferences, privileges, limitations, restrictions and other relative terms of any Series shall be established and designated by the Trustees, and may be modified by the Trustees from time to time, upon and subject to the following provisions:

  • Amount of Notes The aggregate principal amount of Notes which may be authenticated and delivered under this Indenture on the Issue Date is $300,000,000. The Issuer may from time to time after the Issue Date issue Additional Notes under this Indenture in an unlimited principal amount, so long as (i) the Incurrence of the Indebtedness represented by such Additional Notes is at such time permitted by Section 4.03 as evidenced in an Officer’s Certificate delivered to the Trustee and (ii) such Additional Notes are issued in compliance with the other applicable provisions of this Indenture. With respect to any Additional Notes issued after the Issue Date (except for Notes authenticated and delivered upon registration of transfer of, or in exchange for, or in lieu of, other Notes pursuant to Section 2.07, 2.08, 2.09, 3.08, 4.06(e), 4.08(c) or Appendix A), there shall be (a) established in or pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Issuer and (b) (i) set forth or determined in the manner provided in an Officer’s Certificate or (ii) established in one or more indentures supplemental hereto, prior to the issuance of such Additional Notes:

  • Supplemental Funding Unless otherwise defined by program rules, Supplemental Funding is the award of additional funds to provide for an increase in costs due to unforeseen circumstances. The State will comply with all Federal program agency policies and procedures for requesting supplemental grant funding. The State will comply with the following guidelines when requesting supplemental funding for the Medical Assistance Program and associated administrative payments (CFDA 93.778): The State must submit a revised Medicaid Program Budget Report (CMS-37) to request supplemental funding. The CMS guidelines and instructions for completing the CMS-37 are provided in Section 2600F of the State Medicaid Manual (SMM). The CMS/CO must receive the revised Form CMS-37 through the Medicaid Budget Expenditure System/Children's Budget Expenditure System (MBES/CBES) no later than 10 calendar days before the end of the quarter for which the supplemental grant award is being requested. Additional guidance on this policy is available from the respective CMS Regional Office, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The State will comply with the following guidelines when requesting supplemental funding for TANF (CFDA 93.558), CCDF (CFDA 93.575), CSE (93.563), and the FC/AA (CFDA 93.658 and CFDA 93.659) programs administered by the U.S. Department of Human Services, Administration for Children and Families (HHS/ACF):

  • Additional Certificates The Company shall have furnished to the Agents such certificate or certificates, in addition to those specifically mentioned herein, as the Agents may have reasonably requested as to the accuracy and completeness at each Representation Date of any statement in the Registration Statement or the Prospectuses or any documents filed under the Exchange Act and Canadian Securities Laws and deemed to be incorporated by reference into the Prospectuses, as to the accuracy at such Representation Date of the representations and warranties of the Company herein, as to the performance by the Company of its obligations hereunder, or as to the fulfillment of the conditions concurrent and precedent to the obligations hereunder of the Agents.