Existing Bonds definition

Existing Bonds means the following obligations of Seller:
Existing Bonds means collectively, the General Obligation Bonds and the Revenue Bonds.
Existing Bonds means the maximum EUR 50,000,000 senior secured callable bonds 2015/2020 issued by the Issuer with ISIN SE0006504379.

Examples of Existing Bonds in a sentence

  • Cancellation of Existing Bonds, Bond Documents, COPs and COP Documents.

  • Cancellation of Existing Bonds and, Bond Documents, COPs and COP Documents.

  • As soon as possible after the Issue Date, the Issuing Agent shall transfer the Net Proceeds to the Escrow Account and the Issuer shall transfer any additional amount to the Escrow Account as required to procure that the funds standing to the credit of the Escrow Account, after such transfers, are equal to or higher than the final redemption amount (including interest and any prepayment premium) of the Existing Bonds times one point zero one (1.01) (the “ Redemption Amount”).

  • Upon fulfilment of the Conditions Precedent, the Redemption Amount standing to the credit of the Escrow Account shall without delay be transferred to the Issuer and firstly be applied towards the redemption of the Existing Bonds in full (including accrued interest and any prepayment premium) and secondly be applied towards acquisitions and investments in real estate development projects and other general corporate purposes.

  • The uses will include payments to the indenture trustee and paying agent on account of the District’s obligations under the documents evidencing or otherwise securing the Existing Bonds.

More Definitions of Existing Bonds

Existing Bonds means the SEK 60,000,000 existing bonds issued by the Issuer (with ISIN: SE0005455607).
Existing Bonds means the SEK 200,000,000 senior secured fixed rate bonds with ISIN SE0008348221 issued by the Issuer on 13 October 2016.
Existing Bonds means the portion of the Original 2003 Bonds not being refunded by the Bonds and the 2015 Bonds, and any refunding bonds or obligations issued therefor.
Existing Bonds means the currently outstanding 2015/2018 bonds in a nominal amount of DKK 375 million with ISIN DK0030363163, issued by the Target on 24 June 2015.
Existing Bonds. Collectively, the tax-exempt bonds issued in connection with the New Hampshire Bond Project and the ECIDA Bond Projects.
Existing Bonds means the outstanding senior secured callable floating rate bonds 2013/2017 issued by the Issuer for the holders thereunder (the “Existing Bondholders”) of maximum SEK 200,000,000 with ISIN SE0005567955, which shall be redeemed in full in accordance with Clause 4.2 (Use of proceeds).
Existing Bonds means the Issuer’s outstanding bonds with ISIN: NO0010851413, NO0010851405 and NO0010851421 in aggregate amounting to approximately EUR 25,000,000.