Screening Officer definition

Screening Officer means a person appointed to that position under this bylaw.
Screening Officer means a person from time to time appointed by Council; pursuant to the Screening Officer By-law;
Screening Officer means, with respect to ETP, any of the members of the ETP Screening Committee and, with respect to Regency, any of the members of the Regency Screening Committee.

Examples of Screening Officer in a sentence

  • The Screening Officer and the Hearing Officer have no jurisdiction to consider questions relating to the validity of a statute, regulation or by-law or the constitutional applicability or operability of any statute, regulation or by-law.

  • The bylaw contraventions in relation to which a Screening Officer may enter into a compliance agreement are indicated in Column A4 of Schedule “A”.17.

  • A Screening Officer may prepare and enter into a compliance agreement under the Act with a Disputant, and the Screening Officer may, as part of that process, establish terms and conditions for compliance which the Screening Officer considers necessary or advisable, including time periods for payment of penalties, or to cease or remedy contraventions of any bylaw, including the contravention which gave rise to the Bylaw Notice.

  • The Screening Officer may extend the time to request a review of the administrative penalty when the person requesting the extension demonstrates extenuating circumstances that warrant the extension of time.

  • Any person who is served a penalty notice may request a review by a Screening Officer within 15 days after the penalty notice date.

More Definitions of Screening Officer

Screening Officer means a Person appointed by Council to perform the duties of a Screening Officer for the purposes of this By-law;
Screening Officer means a person from time to time appointed by Council pursuant to this By-law;
Screening Officer means any person who is appointed by the City from time to time pursuant to the Screening and Hearing Officer By-law, to perform the functions of a Screening Officer in accordance with the Parking Administrative Penalty By-law;
Screening Officer means a Person who performs the functions of a Screening Officer in accordance with Section 6 of this By-law, and pursuant to the Town’s Screening and Hearing Officer Policy;
Screening Officer means any of the Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel or Chief Compliance Officer of either ETE or ETP, or their respective designees.
Screening Officer means any of Xxx Monarch, Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxx or Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxxx, in the case of the EPE Partnership Entities and the EPD Partnership Entities, and Xxxxx X. Xxxx, in the case of the TPP Partnership Entities.
Screening Officer means an individual appointed under section 11.