Scheme Consideration definition

Scheme Consideration means, in respect of:
Scheme Consideration means “Scheme Consideration” under and as defined in the Transaction Agreement.
Scheme Consideration means, collectively, the Cash Consideration and the Share Consideration, the value of which shall be determined as of the date of the Transaction Agreement.

Examples of Scheme Consideration in a sentence

  • The Register in this form will solely determine entitlements to the Scheme Consideration.

  • Any portion of the WTW Exchange Fund which has not been transferred to the holders of WTW Shares within twelve months of the Completion Date shall be delivered to Aon or its designee(s) promptly upon demand by Aon, it being understood that no such delivery shall affect any legal right that a WTW Shareholder may have to receive the Scheme Consideration.

  • No interest shall be paid or shall accrue for the benefit of holders of the WTW Shares on the Scheme Consideration payable in respect of the WTW Shares.

  • None of Aon, WTW or the Exchange Agent or any of their respective Affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agents shall be liable to any person in respect of any Scheme Consideration (or dividends or distributions with respect thereto) from the WTW Exchange Fund delivered to a public official pursuant to any applicable abandoned property, escheat or similar Law.

  • At or immediately prior to Completion, Aon shall deposit, or cause to be deposited, with the Exchange Agent, for the benefit of the WTW Shareholders, (A) certificates or, at Aon’s option, evidence of shares in book-entry form representing the aggregate Scheme Consideration and (B) cash in an amount equal to the aggregate amount of cash in lieu of Fractional Entitlements due to the WTW Shareholders.

More Definitions of Scheme Consideration

Scheme Consideration means the consideration payable to Scheme Shareholders as at the Effective Time in exchange for the transfer of the Scheme Shares to AQY in accordance with this Scheme, comprising (1) for eligible Persons, the option of the Cash Consideration, the First Share Consideration, or a combination of both, for up to the Specified Number held by each eligible Scheme Shareholder, and (2) in all other cases, the Other Share Consideration;
Scheme Consideration means 0.8660 (as it may be adjusted by the Exchange Ratio Modification Number) of an AbbVie Share plus US$120.30 in cash per Allergan Share (as it may be adjusted by the Exchange Ratio Modification Number) and any cash in lieu of fractions.
Scheme Consideration shall have the meaning given to that term in Clause 8.1(c)(i)(B);
Scheme Consideration means 1.08 of an Aon Share in respect of each WTW Share subject to the Scheme (as may be adjusted pursuant to Section 2.1(d)(v) of the Transaction Agreement).
Scheme Consideration means the relevant portion of the rights and interests in the Term Sheet New Notes, the New Perpetual Notes and the New Shares to be distributed to the Participating Scheme Creditors (or their Designated Recipients, as applicable) under and pursuant to the terms of the Schemes and the Distribution Agreement.
Scheme Consideration means US$1;
Scheme Consideration means the consideration to be paid to Scheme Option Holders for the cancellation of each Scheme Option, calculated in accordance with clause 5.