ROFO definition

ROFO shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.7 hereof.
ROFO has the meaning set forth in Section 7.9(a).

Examples of ROFO in a sentence

  • Right of First Offer i.e. ROFO will be used for intra and 10 inter sector harvest share transfers.

  • Any ROFO Offer Notice so delivered shall be binding upon delivery and irrevocable by the Purchaser.

  • The decision to issue the ROFO Response and the terms of the ROFO Response shall be subject to approval by the Conflicts Committee.

  • Authorizes the bank to use money in the fund for the purposes specified by and according to the procedures established by this subchapter.

  • The ROFO Notice shall include any material terms, conditions and details as would be necessary for a Partnership Group Member to make a responsive offer to enter into the Proposed Transaction with the applicable ROFO Asset Owner, which terms, conditions and details shall at a minimum include any terms, condition or details that such ROFO Asset Owner would propose to provide to non-Affiliates in connection with the Proposed Transaction.

More Definitions of ROFO

ROFO has the meaning set forth in Section 13.12(a) of this Agreement.
ROFO has the meaning set forth in Section 3(a).
ROFO. As defined in Section 10(a).
ROFO is defined in Section 5.9.
ROFO. If Alnylam or any of its Affiliates seek, directly or indirectly in conjunction with a Third Party (with limited exceptions), or to license a Third Party (with limited exceptions) the right, to Discover, Develop, Commercialize or Manufacture any RNAi Compounds or RNAi Products directed at a Target(s), Alnylam must first provide written notice to Novartis. Novartis has a period of time to accept or reject the opportunity. If Novartis rejects an opportunity for a program for which no IND has been filed in the US or Major Market Countries, or Novartis and Alnylam are unable to come to terms on a post-IND program, Alnylam may, within a specified period of time, enter an agreement with a Third Party, which can be no more favorable overall to such Third Party than those offered to Novartis under Section 2.6(c)(i). (Sections 2.6(b) and (c)) • In-Licensing IP: To the extent applicable, Alnylam must comply with Sections 2.6(b) and (c) when acquiring or licensing rights from Third Parties. In the course of acquiring or licensing additional Broad RNAi Intellectual Property or any other Alnylam Intellectual Property covering a Collaboration Product, Alnylam must use its best efforts to ensure that such rights include the right to sublicense to Novartis such Broad RNAi Intellectual Property or other Alnylam Intellectual Property. (Sections 2.6(d), 3.1(f))
ROFO has the meaning set forth in Section 2(i).