Reconstructed definition

Reconstructed means a building that has been substantially damaged or substantially improved, as defined by the NFIP and the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.
Reconstructed means an individual project constructed at an air
Reconstructed as used in this subsection means materially

Examples of Reconstructed in a sentence

Despite the lack of a systematic seasonal precipitation phasing relationship, the reconstructed SPI record is punctuated by shorter peri- ods when out-of-phase events congregate (most notably in Observed SST to Observed SPIObserved SST to Reconstructed SPIFigure 2.

Reconstructed best fit cross section profile (green: Si, red: SiO2) of the line with nom.

Reconstructed 2D images of the induced activity: central slice parallel to the PET heads for different time-intervals for the proton (upper row) and the carbon ion (lower row) treatment.

Reconstructed precipitation-weighted mean-annual d Dp for Africa, based on the interpolated dataset of Bowen and Revenaugh (2003).

Reconstructed EIT images showing tidal impedance changes‌(red = high, blue = low) using different settings for GREIT and Gauss Newton.

Reconstructed SPECT and PET images are reviewed for count density, appropriate alignment between the stress and rest images, hot spots, and contours for calculation of transient cavity dilation ratio.

EM clusters in Z€qq Events Generated clusters Reconstructed clusters Only a few highest E clusters shown.

Reconstructed density signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for P22 (UKF)First, we rotate the MCI-frame RMS to the RIC- frame.

Figure 1: Reconstructed geometry (left), mesh used for the LES computations (center), and DNS refinement at ICA (right).

Planning Design/Adaptation Implementation Use/Maintenance Figure 2: Reconstructed Computerization Process The reasons for computerization are transformed into intended effects (see figure 2), which usu- ally are associated with the use of IT as it is the desired future effects of computer use that is the rea- son for wanting to introduce a new IT system.

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Reconstructed means an individual project constructed at an air contamination source that, once constructed, increases the hourly capacity of any changed equipment to emit and where the fixed capital cost of new components exceeds 50 percent of the fixed capital cost that would have been re- quired to construct a comparable new source.
Reconstructed means an individual project constructed at an
Reconstructed source generally means a source where components of an existing process or unit were replaced, but only if the replacement cost for the new components exceeds 50% of the cost to construct a comparable process or unit. Under the section 112(g) rules, a source must apply for a case-by-case MACT determination as part of its precon- struction approval process. It must submit detailed informa- tion similar to that required by the section 112( j) part two application. Section 112(g) determinations will be incorporat- ed into a plant’s preconstruction permit or combined precon- struction/Title V permit.
Reconstructed means to regrade, add a lane adjacent to the existing alignment, or do full depth road surface replacement on an existing highway location. For purposes of this chapter, reconstructed also includes replacing or installing a stream crossing.
Reconstructed means an individual project constructed at an air

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Reconstructed vehicle means every vehicle of a type required to be registered under this title
Constructed in respect of a ship means a stage of construction where:
Inaccessible means an Insured cannot reach his/her Destination by the original mode of transportation.
Repairs means, individually and collectively, the Required Repairs, Borrower Requested Repairs, and Additional Lender Repairs.
Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.