Purchaser Securities definition

Purchaser Securities means the Purchaser Units, the Purchaser Common Stock, the Purchaser Preferred Stock and the Purchaser Warrants, collectively.
Purchaser Securities means the Purchaser Ordinary Share, Purchaser Rights, Purchaser Warrants and Purchaser UPO, collectively.

Examples of Purchaser Securities in a sentence

  • None of the outstanding Purchaser Securities has been issued in violation of any applicable securities Laws.

  • The issued and outstanding Purchaser Securities as of the date of this Agreement are set forth on Schedule 3.5(a).

  • No stop order suspending the qualification or exemption from qualification of the Purchaser Securities in any jurisdiction shall have been issued and no Proceeding for that purpose shall have been commenced or shall be pending or threatened.

  • None of the outstanding Purchaser Securities have been issued in violation of any applicable securities Laws.

  • All securities issued upon the surrender of Purchaser Securities in accordance with the terms hereof shall be deemed to have been issued in full satisfaction of all rights pertaining to such securities, provided that any restrictions on the sale and transfer of Purchaser Securities shall also apply to the Pubco Securities so issued in exchange.

More Definitions of Purchaser Securities

Purchaser Securities means the Purchaser Common Stock, the Purchaser Public Warrants and the Purchaser Sponsor/EBC Warrants, collectively.
Purchaser Securities means the securities of the Purchaser listed on Schedule 3.3(a) hereto.
Purchaser Securities means (i) the Preferred Units issued pursuant -------------------- to the Equity Purchase Agreement, (ii) any Common Units issued upon conversion of the Preferred Units referenced in clause (i), and (iii) any securities issued directly or indirectly with respect to any Purchaser Securities by way of a stock split, stock dividend, or other division of securities, or in connection with a combination of securities, recapitalization, merger, consolidation, or other reorganization, or upon conversion or exercise of any of the foregoing securities; provided that Purchaser Securities shall not include any Senior -------- Units. As to any particular securities constituting Purchaser Securities, such securities shall cease to be Purchaser Securities when they have been (a) effectively registered under the Securities Act and disposed of in accordance with the registration statement covering them, (b) distributed to the public through a broker, dealer or market maker pursuant to Rule 144 under the Securities Act (or any similar provision then in force) or (c) repurchased or otherwise acquired by the Company or forfeited pursuant to the provisions of the Performance Vesting Agreement. Any reference herein to a "majority of the Purchaser Securities" or the "number of Purchaser Securities" for purposes of comparison shall refer, with respect to any particular Purchaser Securities, to the number of Common Units (or equivalent common equity securities of the Company) then represented by such Purchaser Securities (on a fully diluted, as- if-converted basis).
Purchaser Securities means the Registrable Securities and the Convertible Note.
Purchaser Securities means any Purchaser Global Securities or any temporary Securities or Physical Securities issued in exchange for beneficial interests in a Purchaser Global Security.
Purchaser Securities means, collectively, the Purchaser Common Shares and the Purchaser RSUs.
Purchaser Securities means the Common Stock and any other securities of Purchaser or Purchaser’s subsidiaries or controlled Affiliates.