Program description and participation agreement definition

Program description and participation agreement means the contract between an account owner and the board set- ting forth the terms and conditions under which the account owner participates in the program.

Related to Program description and participation agreement

  • Participation Agreement means a written agreement entered into between a Participant and the Employer pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.1

  • Participation Agreements as defined in this Trust Supplement are the "Note Purchase Agreements" referred to in the Basic Agreement.

  • Development Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Implementation Agreement means the Implementation Agreement dated ……… by and between the GOB, PGCB and the Company in connection with the Project, and also includes any amendment of it made from time to time;

  • Joint Development Agreement has the meaning provided in Section 5.3.

  • Formation Agreement has the meaning attributed to it in Recital A;

  • Collaboration Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Applicable Participation Agreement Has the meaning specified in Section 5.01(b) of this Trust Supplement.

  • Foundation Agreement means the agreement dated the 20th February 1985 made between the Trustee, the Manager, Xxxxxxxx, Genting WA and Tileska providing for the subscription of Units and Options;

  • Cooperation Agreement means that certain Mortgage Loan Cooperation Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, among Borrower, Lender and Sponsor, as the same may from time to time be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified in accordance herewith.

  • Technology Transfer Agreement has the meaning given in Section 2.2(e).

  • Data Sharing Agreement A formal agreement that documents what data is being shared and how the data can be used between the Parties. ‘‘Data Sharing Code of Practice” the code of practice issued by the Information Commissioner in respect to the sharing of personal data.

  • Data Use Agreement means the agreement incorporated into the Contract to facilitate creation, receipt, maintenance, use, disclosure or access to Confidential Information.

  • Transition Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 12.8.1.

  • Sponsor Letter Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Letter Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Alliance Agreement has the meaning given to such term in paragraph 11.2 of Schedule 13 (Information and Industry Initiatives);

  • Data Processing Agreement means the data processing agreement located at[countrycode]/legal/dpa, where “[countrycode]” means the two-letter abbreviation for the country where your Stripe Account is located.

  • Sponsorship Agreement means a document that estab- lishes an advanced licensee as a sponsor for a basic licensee.

  • SCM Agreement means the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures in Annex 1A to the WTO Agreement;

  • Redevelopment Agreement means an agreement between the

  • Assistance Agreement means a for- mal, written agreement between the CDFI Fund and an Awardee which specifies the terms and conditions of assistance under this part;

  • Development Agreements means all development, utility or similar agreements included in the Permitted Encumbrances.

  • Program Agreement means an agreement between the Contractor and DSHS containing special terms and conditions, including a statement of work to be performed by the Contractor and payment to be made by DSHS.

  • Exclusivity Agreement , in relation to land, means an agreement, by the owner or a lessee of the land, not to permit any person (other than the persons identified in the agreement) to construct a solar pv station on the land;”;