Private hydrant definition

Private hydrant means any hydrant whose lead is con- nected to a private water main, private lateral, or public main where the hydrant lead is owned by the customer;
Private hydrant means a hydrant which has been installed for the purpose of fire suppression only for the Premises on which it is located, which is connected to the Waterworks System but which is not part of the public utility and which is owned by the Owner of the Premises on which it is located.
Private hydrant means a fire hydrant on private property or common property within a strata property.

Examples of Private hydrant in a sentence

  • Private hydrant maintenance costs are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Private hydrant will have the barrels painted safety yellow, and the bonnets painted to match the 2 1/2" hose caps.

  • Private hydrant and/or Water Main Maintenance Agreement (1) Set Up Fee $200.00 (2) Private Hydrant Inspections - Inspection service performed twice a year per hydrant.

  • Private hydrant shall be painted factory yellow.8. All hydrants shall have hydrant markers.

  • The Private hydrant charge is imposed in order to defer costs associated with the routine maintenance and testing costs incurred by the Department; similar to a service contract.

More Definitions of Private hydrant

Private hydrant means a hydrant installed by the Locatee as part of a system of fire protection for that Locatee’s Certificate of Possession land;
Private hydrant means any fire hydrant installed on private property as part of a system for fire protection for that property.
Private hydrant means a fire hydrant situated and maintained to provide water for fire fighting purposes with restrictions as to access or use. The location may be such that it is not readily accessible for immediate use by the fire department for other than certain private property.
Private hydrant means a hydrant connected to a watermain and installed on private property. (Fire Department has full rights of connection.)
Private hydrant means a privately-owned device equipped with special threaded connections installed by and maintained by an Owner within a Parcel and connected to a Water Main to supply water for fire protection purposes;
Private hydrant means a fire hydrant that is installed on private property as part of a system of fire protection for that property;
Private hydrant means any hydrant, which is not owned, operated or maintained by the local water purveyor or his agent.