Preserved definition

Preserved means the filing, stor- ing, or any other method of systemati- cally maintaining documentary mate- rials in any medium by the agency. This term covers materials not only actually filed or otherwise systemati- cally maintained but also those tempo- rarily removed from existing filing sys- tems.
Preserved means the filing, storing, or any other method of systematically maintaining documentary materials by the agency. This term covers materials not only actually filed or otherwise systematically maintained but also those temporarily removed from existing filing systems.
Preserved means drying, freezing, or chemically treating the pelt or scalp with ears attached and the lower jaw of a coyote so it is not decomposed or spoiled when presented to the division for reimbursement under R657-64-4.3.

Examples of Preserved in a sentence

In addition, Preserved Lands includes dedicated easements (such as Conservation Easements) to the extent these are currently known and identified (i.e., by deed description) for mapping purposes.

The provisions of this Section are exclusive and shall preclude (to the extent lawful) all other rights and remedies with respect to the replacement or payment of mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Securities.Section 3.08 Payment of Interest; Interest Rights Preserved.

To implement Riparian Area restoration practices on Preserved Lands that give priority to ecological and watershed protection measures.

Payment of Interest; Interest Rights Preserved; Optional Interest Reset.

Preserved charges are mapped to an appropriate charge and are closed to new Customers.

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Preserved means units preserved at affordable housing costs to lower-income households by acquisition of the units or the purchase of affordability covenants and restrictions as described in paragraph (2) of subdivision (c) of Section 65583.1 of the Government Code, except that the city, county, or city and county may have committed assistance at any time during the projection period.
Preserved. , in respect of a document, means –
Preserved means chemically treated for preservation, such as with salt, vinegar or nitrates.
Preserved means the portion of an account or a benefit that is preserved for the benefit of a Member under the Superannuation Conditions.
Preserved means the preserving of an entitlement contained in a transitional letter of offer.
Preserved means to keep and not to alter any Potentially Relevant Information as to its form, content or manner of filing. In the case of an electronic file, it means to retain the original file (including its file and application metadata) or a Forensically Sound Copy of that file.
Preserved means to take good faith, reasonable and proportional steps to