Preliminary Meeting definition

Preliminary Meeting has the meaning specified in Section 3.1.2 (a).
Preliminary Meeting means the meeting of representatives of Shareholders, to be held before the Preliminary General Meetings, with the purpose of defining the Shareholders’ vote to be cast in said Preliminary General Meetings;
Preliminary Meeting means a meeting held in accordance with these Rules to elect delegates or members;

Examples of Preliminary Meeting in a sentence

  • At the Preliminary Meeting, the Respondent will be provided with details about the allegations, the Student Grievance Process and the potential sanctions that may be imposed if the student is found responsible for the behavior.

  • At the conclusion of the Preliminary Meeting, the Respondent may: (I) admit responsibility and execute a written Waiver of the Student Grievance Process (at which point the Respondent will be assigned a sanction(s) and the Student Grievance Process will be concluded); or (II) request that the alleged violation(s) be adjudicated in accordance with the Student Grievance Process.

  • The authors compared their approach against two state-of-the-art approaches, i.e., JExtract and SEMI, and showed an improvement over both of them.Overall, recommending Extract Method refactoring opportunities has been extensively studied [16, 17, 31, 36].

  • Meeting with the Respondent:If IYRS is proceeding with the Student Grievance Process, the Student Services Manager or designee will schedule a Preliminary Meeting with the Respondent.

  • Purchasing Office will hold a Preliminary Meeting with Contract Manager/Requestor to review the procurement checklist and ensure an understanding of the solicitation methods, requirements, and identification of spending authority.

More Definitions of Preliminary Meeting

Preliminary Meeting means the meeting to plan the Initial Seminar in accordance with Clause 25.1.1;
Preliminary Meeting means the Preliminary Meeting of the Electoral Synod being the meeting referred to in Section 10 of this Canon;
Preliminary Meeting means the meeting which the Examining authority is required to hold under section 88 (initial assessment of issues, and preliminary meeting);
Preliminary Meeting for purposes of this agreement - means either in the form of a face to face meeting, or a consultation by telephone, or in any other way, and provided that in a case in which no meeting is actually held, a decision as to the manner of voting shall be in the form of a document in writing signed by the holders of at least 65% of the voting ballots.
Preliminary Meeting means the meeting of the Representatives to determine the manner in which they will coordinate their vote on matters brought before all stockholders for a vote. The Preliminary Meeting may be in person or by any means of remote communication and may be conducted by the Representatives at any time prior to the vote by all stockholders on the matter.
Preliminary Meeting is defined in Section 10.7 (Preliminary Meeting).
Preliminary Meeting means an initial meeting between developer and municipal representatives that affords developer the opportunity to present their proposals informally and discuss the project and address any items of controversy or requirements before the preliminary plat is submitted.