Definition of Pre-Closing Products

Pre-Closing Products means (a) any products included in the Transferred Assets and (b) any products at any time manufactured or sold by the Sellers in the conduct of the Business prior to the Closing.

Examples of Pre-Closing Products in a sentence

Section 13 shall be applicable to the providing of Repair Services described in Section 14 by Supplier during and after the Product Warranty Period for Products and Pre-Closing Products (collectively "Repair Products").
Each month Buyer shall send Seller a written statement detailing (i) the warranty claims for Pre-Closing Products which Buyer received in the previous month, (ii) the repairs and or replacements of Pre-Closing Products which Buyer performed in the preceding month, and (iii) the actual costs incurred by Buyer in connection therewith for parts, labor and the replacement of Products, including any shipping and insurance costs.
The parties hereto agree to render to each other such assistance as may reasonably be requested in order to insure the proper and adequate defense of any Pre-Closing Products Liability Claim, including making employees available on a mutually convenient basis to provide additional information and explanation of any relevant materials or to testify at any proceedings relating to such claim or action.
With such statement Buyer shall also deliver to Seller any Pre-Closing Products which have been replaced by Buyer during the month in question pursuant to a warranty claim.
Upon receipt of such notice, Seller shall be entitled to participate in the defense of such Pre-Closing Products Liability Claim at its own cost and expense.