TLR definition

TLR means the NERC Transmission Loading Relief Procedures used in the Eastern Interconnection as specified in NERC Operating Policies.

Examples of TLR in a sentence

  • Currently, teachers will receive protection of TLR payments for a period of three years.

  • Our IRS program is focused on novel TLR inhibitors for diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • See TL-R Z19.TL is to be satisfied with the methods of orientation on the structure.

  • The IDC will obtain the Tag Submittal Time from the Tag Authority, and post the Reloading/ Reallocation information to the NERC TLR site.

  • Lowest priority of Interchange Transactions (marginal “bucket”) to be Reloaded/Reallocated next-hour on each TLR Constrained Facility will be posted on NERC TLR site.

More Definitions of TLR

TLR means any of the human toll-like receptors [ * ], [ * ], [ * ] and [ * ].
TLR means target lesion revascularization.
TLR means target lesion revascularization. The following table sets forth certain other defined terms and the section of this Agreement in which the meaning of each such term appears: Defined Term Section “Agreement” PreambleAmendment” Preamble “BSC” Preamble “Company Option” Preamble “Effective Date” Preamble “Foreign Jurisdiction” 1.2 “Implanted Stents” 1, “Clinical Milestone” “Merger” Preamble “Merger Agreement” Preamble “Merger Sub” Preamble “Negotiation Period” 1.3(b) “Option” 1.1
TLR means Toll-like Receptor.
TLR means Toll Like Receptor.
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