Definition of Power Business

Power Business shall mean:
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Power Business means the design, development, manufacture, marketing, distribution or sale (including solicitation of sale) of, and provision of foundry services and other services related to, Power Products.
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Examples of Power Business in a sentence

In 1994, Ms. Edwards was appointed as Manager of Bulk Power Operations & Maintenance and subsequently became the Director over the Bulk Power Business Unit for LADWP in 1995.
Auditing Entity shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.3. Business shall mean the Gas Business or the Power Business, as applicable.
On April 30, 1998, BPA's Power Business Line (PBL) established a web site to disseminate information about a customer group's Slice of the System Proposal.
Energy shall be entitled, in perpetuity, to control the assertion or waiver of all privileges in connection with privileged information which relates solely to the Power Business, whether or not the privileged information is in the possession of or under the control of Duke Energy or Spectra Energy.
Tangible Personal Property relating to both the operation of the RF Power Business and any other business owned by NXP prior to the Acquisition, unless such Tangible Personal Property is primarily used by the RF Power Business.