Definition of Port of Origin

Port of Origin means [***] or another port designated by iRobot in writing.
Sample 1

Examples of Port of Origin in a sentence

Tooling prices do not include FCA Port of Origin transportation cost.
For purposes of this Agreement all Product shipments shall be FCA Port of Origin (per Incoterms 2000).
All pricing files provided by Jabil will be based on FCA Port of Origin.
Kin Yat will employ the Kin Yat Manufacturing Process, the Reasonable and Customary Support Services, any required manufacturing technology, manufacturing capacity, labor, manufacturing and quality related fixtures, design services in support of manufacturing process (to include fixture design), transportation logistics (as required by FCA Port of Origin), systems and facilities necessary for Kin Yat to perform the Manufacturing Services.
The cost summary set forth on Schedule 2, prepared by Jabil, contains a detailed SKU-level (SKU as defined by Company) cost summary, Incoterm FCA Port of Origin, complete with all formulas and assumptions, to provide full access and visibility to all component, labor, assembly and mark-up costs.