Definition of Port of Loading

Port of Loading means the port of loading the Minerals or Concentrate, as shall be specified in the applicable Offtake Agreement.

Examples of Port of Loading in a sentence

Port of Loading The port where the cargo is actually loaded on board the sea (ocean) going vessel.
Immediately after the departure of each vessel carrying a Parcel from the Port of Loading, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of the tonnage of the Parcel in accordance with the bill of lading, the stowage plan, the name of the vessel and the estimated time of arrival at the Port of Discharge.
Contractual Port of Loading A port at which an ocean vessel does not call, but which is equalized with the actual port of call and upon which inland haulage services and inland tariffs are based.
The Base Price shall be per Ton of Coal having the nominal values listed in Article 4 FOBT Port of Loading.
In the event that the Port of Loading is determined to be the Port of Singapore pursuant to Section 6.4.8, the Buying Member shall select a vessel that is able to provide shipping from the originating port to the Port of Discharge through the Port of Singapore.