MIC definition

MIC. A mortgage insurance certificate issued by HUD.
MIC means a “mortgage investment corporation” as defined under the Tax Act.
MIC means a mortgage investment corporation as defined in subsection 130.1(6) of the Tax Act;

Examples of MIC in a sentence

  • The data is from Labor Force Survey (LFS) by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC).

  • Each year, the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism (MIC) with FAO assistance prepares the basic food balance sheet, highlighting availability and needs of cereals and other basic foods (Table 1.1) (MIC/DNC, 2002).

  • Then, saponin 1 (172) which was the analogue of the potent saponin (174) but with a longer sugar chain (same chain but with an additional rhamnose unit), presented the same MIC and MFC values of that of compound 3 (174).

  • Księga pamiątkowa ku czci Księdza Profesora Andrzeja Szostka MIC (Veritas in caritate.

  • They both produced no effect (both MIC and MFC > 20 µg/mL).Another plant, Dioscorea cayenensis (Dioscoreaceae) (Sautour et al., 2004), produced two diosgenin saponins 2 (219) and 3 (220).

More Definitions of MIC

MIC means a mortgage investment corporation, within the meaning of subsection 130.1(6) of the ITA.
MIC means the Branch Manager Management Incentive Compensation Plan.
MIC means a “mortgage investment corporation” as defined under the Tax Act. “Mortgage Investment” means an Investment in a mortgage.
MIC means the Member Identification Code selected by the Member upon becoming a Member of Vancity.
MIC means a “mortgage investment corporation” as defined in the Tax Act.
MIC. Mortgage Insurance Certificate issued by HUD/FHA as evidence that a mortgage has been insured and that a contract of mortgage insurance exists between HUD/FHA and the lender.