PFI definition

PFI means the proprietary financial information as defined in RCW 43.371.010(12).
PFI means Prudential Financial, Inc.
PFI means the Government's Private Finance Initiative or any similar or replacement initiative;

Examples of PFI in a sentence

  • The CFR includes any other long term liabilities (e.g. PFI schemes, finance leases).

  • A programme is currently underway to fit sprinklers to 8 sheltered blocks – 6 blocks have now been completed, with the remaining two PFI blocks due for completion during 2018/19.

  • Service commenced 2014 and will run to March 2039.• PFI – Pinnacle Schools Gateshead Limited (PSG) to design, build, finance and operate seven new schools in 2007 and 2008.

  • Supporting capital investment resulted in revenue costs for the Council of almost £25m in 2015/16, excluding PFI projects.

  • To build 2,400 homes across 19 sites in Gateshead over 15 – 20 years.• ALMO – Gateshead Housing Company established in 2004, is responsible for nearly 20,000 homes, with a management agreement in place with Gateshead Council until 2020.• Gateshead Quays – a collaborative partnership with Patrizia UK and Ask Real Estate (appointed2015).• PFI - South Tyne & Wear Waste Management Partnership established in 2007 between Gateshead, Sunderland and South Tyneside Councils.

More Definitions of PFI

PFI means a member of the MPF Bank that is a “participating financial institution” that elects to participate in the MPF Program by executing a PFI Agreement with the MPF Bank.
PFI means a Participating Financial Institution; either bank or non-bank financial institution.
PFI means Polo Fashions, Inc., a New York corporation controlled by Lauren.
PFI means Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Inc. (to be known as Physicians Formula, Inc., a New York corporation), and any of its Affiliates after the effective date of the Agreement.