plantation definition

plantation means any land used for the growing and harvesting of crops;
plantation means a plot or number of plots on the same holding, planted in a single planting season and the subject of a single application.
plantation means any estate which is maintained for the purpose of growing cinchona, rubber, coffee or tea, and on which twenty-five or more parsons are employed for that purpose;

Examples of plantation in a sentence

  • This guarantee applies for a 12-month period following planting of the Plantation.

  • Single houses account for 80 percent of the population’s housing, another 5.4 percent live in flats and 3.3 percent live in attached houses.Official estimates put the gap in housing provision at 350,000 housing units.8 According to the Ministry of Housing and Plantation Infrastructure, the overall shortage of houses in Sri Lanka could reach 650,000 units by 2010.

  • Menara Group to re-perform the EIA in a transparent, participatory, and professional process.• Investigating the alleged violations of Management and Environmental Protection Law related to the granting of 28 Plantation Business Licenses (IUP) to the companies under PT Menara Group without Environmental Permit.

  • F Sembiring, (2022), “Green Marketing Analysis onOil Palm Plantation Industry” in The 3rd International Conference on Advance & Scientific Innovation (ICASI), KnE Social Sciences, pages 373–381.

  • The Hardeeville Rural Fire District is primarily the area west of the City of Hardeeville that encompasses Church Road, Stiney Road, Purrysburg Road, SC321, as well as some areas southeast of the City along Plantation Drive.

More Definitions of plantation

plantation means a plantation as defined in clause (f) of section 2 of the Plantations Labour Act, 1951 (69 of 1951);
plantation means plantation of plants and trees;
plantation means one or more groups of trees, shrubs or plants intentionally sown, planted or propagated with a view to commercial exploitation;
plantation means one or more groups of planted trees;
plantation means plantation of plants and trees.
plantation means a wooded areas where trees have been planted or seeded in a pre- determined pattern or rows and are harvested for commercial purposes in-keeping with the original purpose of planting or seeding.
plantation means an intensively managed stand of trees of either native or exotic species that is created by the regular placement of seedlings or seeds;