Placed definition

Placed means placed under a placement arrangement;
Placed. - means that rail wagons or road vehicle trailers with containers, empty or loaded, have been placed at the Point of Placing for loading, or off-loading and the locomotive/road vehicle has been uncoupled and “Place” shall have a corresponding meaning;
Placed means notification by the rail car Carrier that the rail car (1) is available for placement or that the rail car has arrived at the final railroad controlled facility and is available for delivery to the final destination, (2) has arrived at its rail destination, or (3) has been placed at the consignee.

Examples of Placed in a sentence

  • The Marital Home is currently owned by: (check one) ☐ - Husband ☐ - Wife ☐ - Both Spouses The following currently lives at the Marital Home: (check one) ☐ - Husband ☐ - Wife ☐ - Both Spouses The Marital Home shall be: (check one) ☐ - Placed for sale as part of this Agreement.

  • Election Signs Placed on private property shall not interfere with the safe operation of motor vehicular traffic, cyclists and the safety of pedestrians, and shall not obstruct visibility or sightlines.

  • NGA will pay a Placement Fee to Supplier for each Placed Employee (as this term is defined in Section 2 below), per assignment as defined below.

  • No Person shall pull down or remove an Election Sign without the consent of the Candidate or Registered Third Party to whom the Election Sign relates or the owner or occupant of the property on which the Election Sign was Placed, except as otherwise provided for by this By-law.

  • No Person shall Place or permit to be Placed an Election Sign within a Street allowance that is abutting, opposite, or within 50.0 m (164.0 ft.) of a Voting Place or a place where the administration of Election processes are conducted on Advance Voting Day or Voting Day.

More Definitions of Placed

Placed means the candidates should have been placed in the sector of their training.
Placed means placed under a placement arrangement; “placement” means placement under a placement arrangement; “placement arrangement” means an arrangement under
Placed means wage employment for minimum three months post completion of training.
Placed means the assumption and retention by such Employee of a legal obligation for total or partial support of the child in anticipation of adoption of the child. The child must be available for adoption and the legal process must have commenced.
Placed means the transfer of pullets into a pullet facility or into an egg production facility; pullet quota holders are expected to have the appropriate number of pullet quota as per day old placements;
Placed or “Placement” means physical placement in the Insured Person’s care. If physical placement is prevented due to the medical needs of the child, it shall mean the date when the Insured Person signs an agreement for adoption of such child and assumes financial responsibility for such child.
Placed means the transfer of pullets into a pullet facility or into an egg production