Shed definition

Shed means a slight or temporary structure for shade or shelter;
Shed means shearing shed or, in relation to crutching work performed other than at a shed, the property, station or location where crutching work is or will be undertaken.
Shed means an enclosure that covers the side of the coke oven battery, captures emissions from pushing operations and from leaking coke oven doors on the coke side or push side of the coke oven battery, and routes the emissions to a control device or system.

Examples of Shed in a sentence

  • The contractor shall unload the foodgrain bags from wagons placed at the Railway Good shed/Railway Siding/Food Storage Point(s) or unloading the foodgrains bags from trucks/any other vehicles, carry them and stack the bags in the Shed ,on the Platform/Ground in accordance with the instructions of the General Manager or any officer acting on his behalf.

  • SCHEDULES SCHEDULE ‘A’ SCHEDULE OF QUANTITIES NAME OF WORK : Construction of Karumathi Shed at Subbaiah Nagar in Thattanchavady Constituency, Puducherry.

  • TIMETABLE & DESIGNATED CONTACT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: RFP #2023-03 Electrical Upgrades Maritime Shed #1 Questions pertaining to this solicitation for bids shall be emailed to .

  • Purchasing Department recommends award to Norit America.Motion to support recommendation: Legislator PotterSecond: Legislator FruceVote: Unanimous, motion carried • Bid 25-11 Salt Shed Roofing; opened 4 bids on July 18, 2011; low bid by Park Lane C&D Corp.; Purchasing recommends award for to Park Lane for $114,200 and $2 sq ft per roof and skin panel repair.

  • Record of jobs carried out have to be maintained in separate sheets/ books/ registers by Contractor’s supervisor and it has to be verified by Shed Officer/Officer in-charge on daily basis.

More Definitions of Shed

Shed means a roofed one-story structure, open on one or more sides, and not a porch as defined herein.
Shed means, for the purposes of the Scheme, a structure with a floor area of greater than 12.25m2 used for the housing / storage of machinery or household items which may be provided with power and water but does not have any ablution facilities and does not include garden sheds and carports. A shed also means a Class 10A building as defined by the Building Code of Australia, which class refers to a “non-habitable” building;
Shed means a facility approved and declared regular for delivery by the Exchange for the secure storage of Registered and Eligible aluminum. A Shed shall consist of designated indoor and outdoor fully secured storage areas. A Shed must also qualify and be designated a Weighmaster for aluminum.
Shed means an accessory building to be used for storage;
Shed means a building that does not exceed one hundred forty-four
Shed means a small storage building less than 200 square feet in size. (March 12, 2002)
Shed means a roofed building used for securely housing poultry.