CME definition

CME means the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc., or its successor.

Examples of CME in a sentence

  • Domestic Abuse, Child Exploitation (CE), Radicalisation and the Prevent Duty, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Attendance and Children Missing from Education (CME) and Contextual Safeguarding are some of these areas.

  • As above, the pupil must not be removed from roll until confirmation is received from the CME Officer.

  • MF Global did not make the required immediate reports to the CFTC and the CME of the customer segregated account deficiency.

  • If you give notice to leave your position, no further CME funds will be available unless approved by the Chair.Limitation and Duration CME funds are available from the beginning of the fiscal year (September thru August).

  • Accessing your CME funds You may request access to your CME funds by filling-out the Travel/Purchase Request Approval forms (RAF).

More Definitions of CME

CME has the meaning set forth in the preamble hereto.
CME means the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
CME means "Case Management Entity". A CME includes the following: