CME definition

CME means the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc., or its successor.
CME means Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
CME means continuing medical education.

Examples of CME in a sentence

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will be the primary source used to obtain the relevant Precious Metal Futures prices.

CME closed the year with a revenue of USD 18.69 Million with a Net Profit Ratio of 11.6 %.

The contractor shall submit progressively for CME/ Dy. CME (Ele)‘s approval six copies each of the following documents at least two months prior to the starting of the manufacture of these items.

The Basis must be stated in full tick increments as set forth in CME Rule 36901 (“Commodity Specifications”).

BTIC Transactions in Select Sector futures and BTIC Transactions in DJUSRE futures may be executed as block trades pursuant to the requirements of Rule 526 (“Block Trades”), this Advisory Notice and the applicable provisions in the corresponding product chapter (CME Chapter 369 for Select Sector futures and CBOT Chapter 30 for DJUSRE futures).

More Definitions of CME

CME means "Case Management Entity".
CME means the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
CME means the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. “COMEX” shall mean the Commodity Exchange, Inc. “ICE” shall mean the IntercontinentalExchange, Inc. “KCBOT” shall mean the Kansas City Board of Trade. “LME” shall mean the London Metal Exchange. “NYBOT” shall mean the New York Board of Trade.
CME means continuing medical education as defined by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).
CME means the CME Group
CME means the designated contract market known as the CME or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Inc., or its successor.
CME means "Case Management Entity". A CME includes the following: