PMC definition

PMC means such person(s) agency(s) and/or employee(s) of Authority, as may be nominated by Authority to act as the project management consultant in relation to the Project and to discharge the functions set forth in the Agreement;

Examples of PMC in a sentence

  • Present Status & Remarks: Against the order of the HC, PMC filed SLP in SC.

  • They will be supported by two (2) resettlement consultants hired as part of the project management consultant (PMC) team.

  • But to this end, it clearly preserves the Flemish prerequisite of asking local government to account for the involvement of specific local stakeholders throughout the PMC.

  • All the documents resulting out of the PMC should not only serve locally but also in case local government applies or accounts for a sector-specific subsidy.

  • These Flemish regulations were thus adapted to the planning burden –principles before the local elections of October 2012 that started the first (and current) six-year term of PMC –implementation.

More Definitions of PMC

PMC means PHH Mortgage Corporation, a New Jersey corporation.
PMC has the meaning set forth in the preamble.