Definition of PMC

PMC means Project Management Consultant as appointed by the Employer to oversee policy, design, implementation of the works as the case may be.
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PMC means PHH Mortgage Corporation, a New Jersey corporation.
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PMC means Patrick M. Carroll and Affiliates
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Examples of PMC in a sentence

The foregoing restrictions on Transfer and the Minimum Retained Ownership Requirements may be waived at any time with PMC Approval.
PRINCIPAL NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY By: /s/ Mike Beer By: /s/ Sara Wiener Name: Mike Beer Name: Sara Wiener Title: President Title: AVP - Annuities SCHEDULE B Commencing on the Date of the Participation Agreement becomes effective, subject to the terms of the Agreement PMC shall pay the Company an Administrative Fee in an amount equal on an annual basis to the following: * .095% to .27% of average daily net assets of each Fund held in the Accounts.
Authority shall form a "Project Monitoring Committee" (PMC) which shall be headed by Director General and will have the members from concerned departments.
Signed, Sealed and Delivered "Corporation" In the presence of: PMC Capital, Inc.
The PMC shall facilitate the Developer in obtaining all the applicable approvals and permits.

More definitions of PMC

PMC means PMC (Nova Scotia) Company, a Nova Scotia unlimited liability company.
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