Oil fuel definition

Oil fuel means any oil used as fuel in connection with the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of the ship in which such oil is carried.
Oil fuel means any oil used as fuel in connexion with the propulsion
Oil fuel means any oil used as fuel oil in connection with the propulsion

Examples of Oil fuel in a sentence

  • Oil, fuel, engine filters and batteries A person must not dispose of any oil, fuel, engine filter or battery other than by returning it to the mainland.

  • Oil fuel pipes shall be of steel or other approved material, provided that restricted use of flexible pipes shall be permissible in positions where the Administration is satisfied that they are necessary.

  • Oil, fuel, lubricants or other inflammable liquids shall not be stored in any shed except in an approved container with a maximum capacity of 5 litres for use with garden equipment only.

  • Oil, fuel, wastewater or other chemical spills could contaminate soils as to render them temporarily unsuitable for plant growth until cleanup measures were fully implemented.

  • Any size and combination of above ground storage tanks with a total storage capacity equal to or less than 5,042,000 gallons containing virgin or re-refined No.6 Fuel Oil, fuel oils similar in composition to No.6 Fuel Oil, residual fuel oils and lubricating oils (i.e. motor oil, hydraulic oil).

  • Oil, fuel and lubricant storage areas should be located well away from any water courses.

  • Miyazato advised, ‘You should consider both sides of function and size’ on ‘homeland level status’, and he rejected nuclear weapons and free use of bases as ‘regarding the function of the bases, nuclear weap- ons and free use should never be allowed’.

  • Oil fuel shall be stored in tanks of steel or equivalent material.

  • Oil fuel storage shall be based on the actual design boiler power excluding percentages added for standby provision and shall be sized on a ratio of 35 litres per kW for central boiler installations.

  • Oil, fuel oil, kerosene, liquid propane or gasoline intended for, or from, a storage tank located at the residence premises.Definition 10.

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Oil fuel. (油類燃料) means any oil used as fuel in connection with the
Oil fuel. ' means oetrolem which, when tested in the manner hereinafter desc 'bed, does not give forth an inflammable vapour a a temperature below 130° Fahrenheit;

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  • Fossil fuel means natural gas, petroleum, coal, or any form of solid, liquid, or gaseous fuel derived from such material.

  • Liquefied petroleum gas means a mixture of light hydrocarbons (predominantly propane, butane) that is gaseous under conditions of ambient temperature and pressure and that is maintained in a liquid state by an increase of pressure or lowering of temperature;

  • Spent fuel means any fuel element or fuel component, solid or liquid, which has been used or exposed to radiation in a nuclear reactor;

  • Crude Oil means any liquid hydrocarbon mixture occurring naturally in the earth whether or not treated to render it suitable for transportation and includes:

  • Natural Gas or "Gas" shall mean natural gas, processed, unprocessed, vaporized liquid natural gas, synthetic gas, propane-air mixture or any mixture of these gases.

  • Gas means any mixture of hydrocarbons and noncombustible gases in a gaseous state consisting primarily of methane.

  • Pipeline means any pipe, pipes, or pipelines used for the intrastate transportation or transmission of any solid, liquid, or gaseous substance, except water.