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Period of attendance means a semester, quarter, or trimester for educational programs measured in credit hours and the entire educational program if measured in clock hours.
Period of attendance means a semester, quarter, or
Period of attendance means a semester, quarter, or trimester for educational programs measured in

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  • Period of attendance in schoolNo photograph highlighting individual faces shall be used for commercial purposes, including solicitation, advertising, promotion, or fundraising, without the prior, specific, dated, and written consent of the parent or eligible student (see 765 ILCS 1075/30).

  • Period of attendance at jury pool and discharge (1) Subject to this section, a person summoned to attend at a jury pool shall attend for such period, not exceeding 5 consecutive court sitting days, as the summoning officer determines in respect of that jury pool.

  • Period of attendance in school Any parent/guardian or eligible student may prohibit the release of any or all of the above information by delivering a written objection to the Building Principal within 30 days of the date of this notice.

  • Period of attendance in school.The notification to parents and students concerning school records will inform them of their right to object to the release of directory information.

  • Period of attendance in the school 12.1 – Student Privacy Protections Challenge Procedures: Parents shall have the right to challenge any entry, exclusive of grades, in the school student records on the basis of (1) accuracy, (2) relevance, and/or (3) propriety.

  • Period of attendance in school Any parent/guardian or eligible student may prohibit the release of any or all of the above information by delivering a written objection to the building principal within 30 days of the date of this notice.

  • Period of attendance in schoolAny parents or guardians or eligible student who wishes to prohibit the release of directory information must deliver a written objection to the District Student Records Custodian (Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources), 1701 Charleston Ave., Mattoon, IL 61938.

  • Period of attendance in schoolThe right contained in this statement: No person may be condition the granting or withholding of any right, privilege or benefits to make as a condition of employment, credit, or insurance the securing by any individual of any information from a student’s temporary record which such individual may obtain through the exercise of any right secured under state law.

  • Directory information shall be limited to: Name, Address, Grade level, Birth date and place, Parents’/Guardians’ names and addresses, Academic awards, degrees, and honors, Information in relation to school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics, Major field of study, Period of attendance in school.STUDENTS’ RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIESAs citizens of the United States, students are guaranteed certain individual rights and have corresponding individual responsibilities.

  • Reference: Section 94923, 94924 and 94925, Education CodeA - Refundable: Cost shown represents cost for the entire course B - Non-RefundableC - Non-Refundable: Once opened, issued kits are not returnable due to sanitary considerationsD - Length of course duration will vary in accordance with the number of hours the students is expected to attend on a weekly basis as stated on the enrollment agreement.** - Period of attendance charges are the same as Total Charges.

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Period of attendance means a semester, quarter, or trimester for programs that offer a degree, and the entire educational program for programs that offer a diploma.

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  • Cost of attendance means an estimate of the student’s educational expenses for the period of enrollment and includes tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, transportation, loan fees, and if applicable, dependant care and costs related to disability.

  • Regular Attendance means your personal visits to a Physician which are medically necessary according to generally accepted medical standards to effectively manage and treat your Disability or Partial Disability.

  • Attendance means the actual presence of an enrolled child.

  • Period of Service means the aggregate of all periods of service commencing with an Employee's first day of employment or reemployment with the Employer or an Affiliated Employer and ending on the first day of a Period of Severance, or for benefit accrual purposes, ending on the severance from service date. The first day of employment or reemployment is the first day the Employee performs an Hour of Service. An Employee who incurs a Period of Severance of twelve (12) months or less will also receive service-spanning credit by treating any such period as a Period of Service for purposes of eligibility and vesting (but not benefit accrual). For purposes of benefit accrual, a Participant's whole year Periods of Service is equal to the sum of all full and partial periods of service, whether or not such service is continuous or contiguous, expressed in the number of whole years represented by such sum. For this purpose, fractional periods of a year will be expressed in terms of days.

  • Average daily attendance or "ADA" means actual average daily

  • Period of Agreement means 5 years from the date of Final acceptance of the Project.

  • Deferral Year means each calendar year during which the Director makes, or is entitled to make, Compensation Deferrals under Section 3 hereof.

  • Outpatient attendance means treatment received in a hospital emergency department where the patient is not admitted to a bed in the hospital.

  • Board Meeting means a meeting of the Board;

  • Annual Enrollment Period or "Enrollment Period" means the period before each policy anniversary so designated by the Sponsor and Lincoln during which you may enroll for coverage under this policy.

  • Meeting Fees means fees for attending a meeting of the Board or one of its Committees as set forth in Section 5.3 hereof.

  • Year of Service means the computation period of twelve (12) consecutive months, herein set forth, during which an Employee has at least 1000 Hours of Service.

  • Enrollment Period means the period agreed upon by the Policyholder and Us when an Eligible Person may enroll for coverage or an Insured may change benefit elections under the Policy.

  • Special Enrollment Period means a period of time allowed under this Plan, other than the eligible person’s Initial Enrollment Period or an Open Enrollment Period, during which an eligible person can request coverage under this Plan as a result of certain events that create special enrollment rights.

  • Period of Severance means a continuous period of time during which an Employee is not employed by the Employer. Such period begins on the date the Employee retires, quits or is discharged, or if earlier, the twelve (12) month anniversary of the date on which the Employee was otherwise first absent from service.

  • Meeting of Members means an annual meeting of members or a special meeting of members;

  • Period of Maintenance means the specified period of maintenance from the date of completion of the works, as certified by the Engineer.

  • Initial Enrollment Period means one of the following periods during which you may first enroll for coverage under this plan:

  • Enrollment means the number of students who are enrolled in a school operated by the district on October 1. A student shall be counted as one whether the student is enrolled as a full-time or part-time student. Students enrolled in prekindergarten programs shall not be counted.

  • Service Year means fiscal year, except that:

  • Minimum Period of Service means a period of 12 consecutive months beginning on the Service Start Date, unless set out otherwise in any applicable Order.

  • Deferral Election means the Participant’s election under Section 3.1 to defer all or a portion of his or her Compensation.

  • meeting of shareholders means an annual meeting of shareholders or a special meeting of shareholders;

  • Nomination Period means a period of time that Customer includes in a nomination for gas service.

  • Son or daughter of a covered service member means a covered service member’s biological, adopted, or foster child, stepchild, legal ward, or a child for whom the covered service member stood in loco parentis, and who is of any age.

  • Hour of Service means: