Payment Guarantor definition

Payment Guarantor means each of Holdings, Parent Entity, each subsidiary of Holdings (other than Borrower) and each other Person party to the Payment Guaranty from time to time.
Payment Guarantor means Behringer Harvard Opportunity REIT I, Inc., a Maryland corporation.
Payment Guarantor. - means the Project Entity.

Examples of Payment Guarantor in a sentence

  • RES Acting As Payment Guarantor For Customers - A RES acting as the financially responsible party (“SBO Guarantor”) for bills rendered by Company shall be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of these Supplier Terms and Conditions.

  • The non-paying Applicant will be liable for any loss, cost and expenses suffered or incurred by the Company and/or the Payment Guarantor as a result of or in connection with such disposal.

  • If the sponsor is E Payment or Tokurei need to sign the E Payment Guarantor Form.7. The handling fee cannot adjust or return if pay off repayment before the due date.8. The Borrower cannot Name Change before pay of the E Payment balance.

  • The non-paying Applicant will be liable for payment of the entire amount due, interest, costs, charges and expenses accrued (and will not be entitled to profits, if any), and the Company and/or Payment Guarantor may enforce payment for any such amount outstanding.

  • The non-paying subscribers will remain fully liable for the subscription amount payable for the Offer Shares allocated to them, irrespective of such payment by the Payment Guarantor.

More Definitions of Payment Guarantor

Payment Guarantor means those Parties executing the Payment Guaranty. As of the Closing Date, a Payment Guarantor is not applicable.
Payment Guarantor means Shell Borrower.
Payment Guarantor means collectively or individually, as the context requires, Leasehold Holder and Holdco, each being individually, a “Payment Guarantor”.
Payment Guarantor is not applicable.
Payment Guarantor means any Person that now or hereafter executes a Payment Guaranty in favor of WFB including, without limitation, the Person or Persons set forth on the Schedule 1 annexed hereto. The term Guarantor shall not include any Person who executes a Validity Guaranty unless such Person also executes a Payment Guaranty.
Payment Guarantor. - means the Project Entity and Ferry Building Associates, LLC, a California limited liability company.
Payment Guarantor shall have the meaning specified in Section 5.3. -----------------