Parking lot perimeter definition

Parking lot perimeter means the boundary of a parking lot area which usually contains a landscaped buffer area.
Parking lot perimeter means the boundary of a parking lot area which usually

Examples of Parking lot perimeter in a sentence

  • Parking lot perimeter: indicate linear feet of each lot line; indicate the number of trees and shrubs required and provided.

  • Parking lot perimeter and parking lot is to be treated with an herbicide (8 feet from asphalt surface) to stunt growth of grass and weeds at least twice per year, more often if needed.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscaping shall be designed to soften the view of the parking lot from an abutting street or development and to filter spillover light from vehicle headlights.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscape requirements can be combined with perimeter landscape requirements when the areas overlap.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscaping shall consist of a single continuous row of evergreen shrubs planted no greater than three feet on-center and within five feet of the parking lot edge.

  • Special footcandle levels that exceed IES recommendations shall be submitted in a variance request format for review by the Plan Commission.(F) Parking lot perimeter and security lighting shall be of the same lamp source.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscaping shall be broken only at point of vehicular or pedestrian access, and shall comply with height limitations in clear sight triangles.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscape strip requirements shall take precedence where a parking lot is located adjacent to a perimeter landscape strip.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscaping shall be required for parking lots with ten (10) or more parking spaces to minimize the visual impact of large paved surfaces.

  • Parking lot perimeter landscaping along the southeast parking stalls.

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