Other Borrower definition

Other Borrower means each Person who shall from time to time enter into a Joinder Agreement as a “Domestic Borrower” hereunder.
Other Borrower shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12.09 of the Agreement.
Other Borrower means “each Other Borrower and any subsequent maker or makers of the Note,” the word “Lender” shall mean “Lender and any subsequent holder of the Note,” the word “Note” shall mean “the Note and any other evidence of indebtedness secured by this Mortgage,” the word “Property” shall include any portion of the Property and any interest therein, and the phrasesattorneys’ fees”, “legal fees” and “counsel fees” shall include any and all attorneys’, paralegal and law clerk fees and disbursements, including, but not limited to, fees and disbursements at the pre-trial, trial and appellate levels incurred or paid by Lender in protecting its interest in the Property, the Leases and the Rents and enforcing its rights hereunder.

Examples of Other Borrower in a sentence

  • In reliance hereon, the Administrative Agent, each Sub-Agent and each Lender may deal with either of the Borrowers’ Representatives alone with the same effect as if the Administrative Agent, such Sub-Agent or such Lender had dealt with each Other Borrower separately and individually.

  • The reorganization, merger or consolidation of any Other Borrower into or with any other corporation or entity.

  • Any existing or future right of offset, claim or defense of Borrower against Lender, or any other Person, or against payment of the Debt by any Other Borrower, whether such right of offset, claim or defense arises in connection with the Debt (or the transactions creating the Debt) or otherwise.

  • The insolvency, bankruptcy, arrangement, adjustment, composition, liquidation, disability, dissolution or lack of power of any Other Borrower or any other party at any time liable for the payment of all or part of the Debt; or any dissolution of any Other Borrower, or any sale, lease or transfer of any or all of the assets of Borrower or of any Other Borrower, or any changes in the shareholders, partners or members of any Other Borrower; or any reorganization of any Other Borrower.

  • Any adjustment, indulgence, forbearance or compromise that might be granted or given by Lender to any Other Borrower.

More Definitions of Other Borrower

Other Borrower means any person or entity (other than the Pledgor) that obtains an Option Loan from the Lender that is secured by the Pledgor in accordance with this Agreement.
Other Borrower shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble to this Agreement.
Other Borrower means each domestic Subsidiary who shall from time to time, pursuant to Section 9.24 hereof, become a “Borrower” hereunder pursuant to a Borrower Joinder Agreement or other form satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.
Other Borrower means VX 2016-1 LLC.
Other Borrower means PS2 and PS5; (b) in relation to PS2, “Other Borrower” means 3161 and PS5; and (c) in relation to PS5, “Other Borrower” means 3161 and PS2. As used in this Article 16, the term "Other Borrower Obligation" means each obligation under this Loan Agreement and the other Loan Documents which is required to be performed by any Other Borrower.
Other Borrower any other party which is a Borrower pursuant to the Master Financing Facility Agreement.