Foreign Borrower definition

Foreign Borrower means any Borrower that is organized under the laws of a jurisdiction other than the Unites States, a state thereof or the District of Columbia.
Foreign Borrower has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto.
Foreign Borrower means any Borrower that is a Foreign Subsidiary.

Examples of Foreign Borrower in a sentence

  • Without limiting the conditions to obtain Loan advances set forth in Section 1.4 of this Agreement, neither the Administrative Agent nor any Lender shall be obligated to honor any Foreign Borrower Loan Request unless all of the Lenders shall have first consented to such Foreign Borrower receiving the Loan or Alternative Currency Loan pursuant to the applicable Foreign Borrower Loan Request.

  • From and after the date, if any, on which all Lender-consent shall have been issued for a Foreign Borrower to receive a Loan or an Alternative Currency Loan, no further consent shall be necessary for such Foreign Borrower to receive any other Loan or Alternative Currency Loan.

  • Any Lender may, with notice to the Administrative Agent and the Borrowers, fulfill its Commitment hereunder by causing an Affiliate of such Lender to act as the Lender in respect of such Foreign Borrower (and such Lender shall, to the extent of Loans and Alternative Currency Loans made to and participations in Letters of Credit issued for the account of such Foreign Borrower, be deemed for all purposes hereof to have pro tanto assigned such Loans and participations to such Affiliate).

  • Additionally, the Administrative Agent shall have received a landlord’s lien waiver from the landlord of each and every business premise at which any Borrower (other than any Foreign Borrower) stores its books and records or where Borrower assets valued, individually or in the aggregate, in excess of One Million and No/100 Dollars ($1,000,000.00) are located.

More Definitions of Foreign Borrower

Foreign Borrower means a Borrower that is a Foreign Subsidiary.
Foreign Borrower means any Borrower other than the U.S. Borrower.
Foreign Borrower means any Subsidiary organized outside of the United States of America that has been designated as a “Foreign Borrower” pursuant to Section 2.21, other than any of the foregoing Subsidiaries that has ceased to be a Foreign Borrower as provided in such Section 2.21.
Foreign Borrower has the meaning specified in the preamble hereto.
Foreign Borrower means (i) Parent (unless Parent has ceased to be a Borrower), (ii) any Parent Entity (other than Parent) that has become a Foreign Borrower in accordance with Section 9.02(c)(i), and (iii) any Foreign Subsidiary Borrower.
Foreign Borrower means each of the Foreign Subsidiaries of US Borrower set forth on Schedule 2 hereto, together with any other Foreign Subsidiary of US Borrower that, on or after the Closing Date, shall have satisfied, in the opinion of Agent, the requirements of Section 2.13(a) hereof.