New Borrower definition

New Borrower means (a) each New Company that is a Company Borrower, and (b) each other Company (including a New Company) acting on behalf of, and for the account of, each Series thereof that is a New Fund.
New Borrower means one or more newly formed entities which, after giving effect to a Holding Company Reorganization (a) shall be an entity organized under the laws of any political subdivision of the United States and be wholly owned (whether directly, or indirectly through one or more Intermediate Holding Companies) by the Holding Company; (b) shall, upon the completion of a Holding Company Reorganization, own or acquire (whether by transfer, consolidation, merger or otherwise) all of the assets that were owned by Xxxx immediately prior to a Holding Company Reorganization (including without limitation all of the Capital Stock of the operating Subsidiaries of Xxxx) and (c) shall assume all of the rights and obligations of Xxxx as “Borrower” under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents.
New Borrower is defined in the preamble.

Examples of New Borrower in a sentence

  • Each of the New Borrowers hereby authorizes Agent to file UCC-1 financing statements against such New Borrower covering the Collateral owned by such New Borrower in such jurisdictions as Agent shall deem necessary, prudent or desirable to perfect and protect the liens and security interests granted to Agent hereunder.

More Definitions of New Borrower

New Borrower means, with respect to each New Entity, such New Entity on behalf of a particular Series of such New Entity. For example, if a New Entity has two Series and wishes to borrow on behalf of one of those Series, the term “New Borrower” would be the New Entity on behalf of the Series that is borrowing; if the New Entity wishes to borrow on behalf of both Series, the term “New Borrower” would mean the New Entity on behalf of one Series and the New Entity on behalf of the other Series.
New Borrower means you apply for this insurance:
New Borrower means an individual who has no outstanding balance on a Direct Loan Program or FFEL Program loan on July 1, 2014, or who has no outstanding balance on such a loan on the date he or she obtains a loan after July 1, 2014.
New Borrower. Has the meaning set forth in Section 7.21.
New Borrower has the meaning specified in Section 12.06(a).
New Borrower means The Xxxxxxx & Xxxxxx Company, a Delaware corporation, which effective as of the Borrower Replacement Effectiveness Time shall be a publicly-traded corporation and the direct or indirect owner of 100% of the outstanding Stock and Stock Equivalents of the Original Borrower.