Ocean definition

Ocean means Ocean Imagination L.P.
Ocean means the nearshore area.
Ocean means any portion of the high seas beyond the contiguous zone 33 U.S.C. § 1362(10).

Examples of Ocean in a sentence

  • Ocean transportation was used and some or all of the shipments were made on foreign-flag vessels without the written consent of the Contracting Officer.

  • Weight, Gross Weight & Volume, Indian Agent's Name and its Commission, Payment Terms, Ocean Freight/Air Freight Charges, Port of Loading, Delivery period, Country of origin with manufacturer's name, etc.

  • Khurana, G.S. 2004, ‘Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean: Convergence Plus CooperationEquals Resonance’, Strategic Analysis, vol.

  • Mutual suspicions have also been stirred by each nation’s military build-up and by evidence of the early stages of competition over control of the Indian Ocean and a potential arms race.110Although generally more cooperative than Sino-Indian relations, Sino-Russianrelations have their areas of friction as well.

  • Ltd / Ashvin & Co. reserves the right to debar such bidder from participating in any future E-Tender / auction on behalf of Ocean Gate Container Terminals Pvt.

More Definitions of Ocean

Ocean transportation means any transportation aboard a ship, vessel, boat, barge, or ferry through international waters.
Ocean. : this means that the Buddha’s omniscience,345 which is profound and extensive, boundless, not arrested in the mixed good of the two vehicles,346 that corpse of the middling and inferior vehicles, is comparable to the ocean. Therefore [Vasubandhu] says:
Ocean means those waters of the Pacific Ocean that are west of the demarcation lines de- scribed in the International Collision Regulations at Sea of 1972.]
Ocean means Ocean Blue Limited, a corporation incorporated in the Xxxxxxxx Islands and having its registered office at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, XX00000;
Ocean means those waters of the Pacific Ocean that are west of the demarcation lines described in the International
Ocean means Ocean Bio-Chem, Inc., a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Florida, and its successors and assigns as permitted herein.
Ocean means Ocean Bio Ltd.